Empty bed

Heh, with a kid like that, how can any father run away?

You see, my atm has work in KL for a couple of days and the little guy is missing him lots.

Phone calls after phone calls of ‘I miss you”. And poor kid got teary eyes with the last one ‘cos it is really bed time. He didn’t not cry but just got some tears at the corner of his eyes. When I asked him, “why your eyes wet-wet?”, he denied with a loud, “NO LAH”. Awwwww…

Later on, in bed, I used his papa’s cap pagoda t-shirt which he worn last night to wrap his bolster. LOL, that t-shirt smells like it has pH 1.5 acidity and the poor kid hug it to sleep to get his papa’s smell. Double awwww…..(and puke!)

Before falling asleep, he was sort of dreamy eyes and I asked him, “Why, you miss papa?” Another loud, “NO LAH”. The ‘no lah’ is a denial that he normally use when he felt bad about something but did not want to admit. Triple awwww….

Muahahahahar…I am going to exaggerate all these and make it even more dramatic when I relate it to the papa. It is gonna break his heart. And with a poor and miserable kid waiting at home, how can any man possibly open his doors to any Cambodian or Vietnamese or China mui-muis or stay away at some mistress’s apartment? Kehkehkeh…another petua kebahagian rumahtangga dari saluran infotainmen kesukaan anda – Lima kali mama. (translation: another happy family tip from your favourite info-tainment channel – 5xmom)

As for me – urgggh…the only part I hate about being a temporary single parent is my responsibility of waking up at 6.20 am followed by 7.20 am in morning. My kids had warned me that if I failed to wake them, then it is my responsibility to write a letter for their absence. Tralalala, sap-sap sui ler, Word document will handle that. But seriously, I never hear a peep from the two alarm clocks (one for the older sons, one for the younger son to wake later) or the state mosque azan subuh every morning so I don’t know if I am going to hear it tomorrow morning. Must pray-pray first before sleeping.