I actually posted at 1:02:?? 04:05:06 but did not realise it!

To tattoo or not to tattooInspirations for women | May 4, 2006 01:02 AM

The above is what I ping-ed at PPS.

  • 1. uncleJim |

    Just so you know, your ping to PPS came nicely at the said time.

  • Blur me did not realise it is already May 4th and it is THAT EXACT MOMENT. How freaky is that? ‘Cos this is what I wrote:

    Now, I just read today that many people are flocking to tattoo parlours to get themselves a tattoo with 01:02:03 04:05:06 to mark this once in life time event. Duh! It is not like golds and diamonds are falling from the sky at that seconds of the day.

    God must loves me a lot. 🙂 (‘cos that is a religous post that I made on a spur of a moment) Hehehe. I made a momentous post at a momentous moment without being aware that the momentous post I made was at a momentous moment. Let’s toast to that! Gimme a hand sign! (kehkehkeh, this is a private joke lmT)

    P/S : If you surf over to my other blog, remember to vote my version of American Idol winner ok?

    6 thoughts on “I actually posted at 1:02:?? 04:05:06 but did not realise it!

    1. i dunno why everyone is making a big deal of the whole 010203040506. some even get a tattoo of it. to me, its a little ridiculous because its only a one second moment. then again, i was asleep when that happen.

    2. at that particular time the world will cease to exist…oops! past that time already, the world did not end so back to grnding workload till i die!

    3. *sigh of relief** When u say tattoo har, I thot ladies are flocking to get their eyebrows tattoo once again! lol

      Thank God NOT!

    4. The star sure made a big hoohah about the day with contests and awareness thingy. Oh c’mon. It’s only a moment…..

    5. I LOVE your handbag!!! I was looking for something of that size. Where did you get them? *wink*

      You carry that many mascara?! Wah! And that many lipstick?! Double wah…. heheheh…

    6. yena….
      “To see your world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower. To hold infinity in the palm of your hand, An eternity in an hour.”

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