Diu lor…I am ‘blinded’ for 3 weeks!

One lengjai ophthalmologist and another lengjai optometrist had issued an order that I am not to wear contact lenses for the next three weeks. *sobs* ‘Cos if I am still stubborn, my eyes are going to get corneal ulcer. *ouch*

I don’t have any spectacles ‘cos my toddler had broken my previous one. But mo-marn-thai, lengjai optometrist just rushed a pair for me to be be ready in six hours. I am going to be four-eyes from today. Wahhhhhhh……cannot wait to wear spectacles again. Just dye my hair to match my spectacles colour. Yum…..I hope the spectacles make me 20 years younger. *blink-blink*

Meantime, both specialists advised me to stare at nekid men to cure the swelling (eye red and swell a bit, treated with aunty-buy-your-dick). So, please send over all the nekid men photos you can find to cure my red eye.

Die! I must go and wash off my hair dye colour now before it turns purple! And yeah, I can type without reading the monitor ‘cos I si-beh holiao in typing. Even if I go blind, I can still earn a living as a blind typist.

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  1. Don’t play play. Have been hearing a lot of peopel coming down with complicatons caused by contacts. I used to wear one too but stoped using them about 4 years ago when I started having problems including red and dry eyes.

  2. Haha, I got collections of nekid girls pics and videos only. Don’t have men’s šŸ™‚

    Are nekid girls pics ok for you?

  3. hi Lilian, i had the same problem with my eyes after being a contact lens user for 16 years. I had to stop using CL as my eyes couldn’t take it anymore. 6 months ago I underwent 2 separate surgeries to have implantable CL inserted in my eyes and now I am glasses free. I had the surgeries done in Australia. Are implantable CL available in Msia yet?

  4. Lilian, wearing specs is better than contact lenses…please consider wearing specs long term. Avoid any unnecessary infection etc. Plus, nowadays, specs come in all kinds of shapes and very trendy too! currently, the thick plastic frames are in fashion…..get one..and sure look younger one!

  5. I wear contacts during the day and spectacles in the evening before bed. I’d be partially blind without either the contacts or glasses. Err.. but can still blog of course, hehe. Do post a photo with your new spectacles on later ya… šŸ˜‰

  6. sky – That’s why la, I lazy to go and make a pair of spec so I hentam 12 hours straight of contact lenses. Now, sked already.

    wuching – Your wish is granted.

    mythoughts – Hehehe, you are right. All the frames are similar, only the colour is different. Mine is not so thick frame ‘cos I feel weird in it.

    Eve – Thank you. Never mind, incentive is to go and see lengjai-lengjai, Jackie Chan look-alike doc. Hahaha.

    PYC – I am not sure ‘cos never heard of it. I wore contacts for 22 years. šŸ™‚ So, I guess the eyes can only take so much torture. I got myopia from 10 years. Wore contact when I was 20 yo.

    kw – No lah but I wore for too long lor. Read too humsup books at nights so forget to sleep. šŸ™‚

    Neo – Hahaha, cannot wor, later got even redder eyes.

    Adam – I also suspect it is the new contact solution I am using. Stopped using REnu for a while already but this brand I bought, Complete seems to give endless problems to my kid too.

    Wingz – You are right. CnP no need eyes one. Use toes also can lioa. hahahaah.

  7. I had a bad case of eye problem sometime last CNY. It was bad. Too much pc work resulted in severely dry eyes and dying epithilial cells. On solcoseryl to help with the cells regeneration. Took ages.

    Was practically “contact” less for 1/2 year. Looked REALLY like a 4-eyes silai then. U say diu onot? And Gordon, being very baby then, had to break 3 pairs of my new specs; one after another.

    And now, i’m feeling as though my eyes need another tube of that. Been at the pc too long lately. Focus oso a bit off.

  8. Mmmmmmmmm Why no one suggested Lasix? I been thinking about it a lot … coz I got sensitive eyes, can’t wear contact lenses (I think its too dry … coz it usually falls out). So I usually go for the daily contacts (which leaves me half-blind coz they don’t have it in high enough power + astig) and throw it out after that.

    I got many friends who have done the laser treatment and it turned out well (so far at least!) … MMmmMMmmm should I?

  9. Hey Lilian becareful if you used RENU contact lens cleanser. Make sure you stop using the product right away and go and see your physician. The product has been banned. Those who have been using it will have the possibility of being blind if you’re too late to have it examined and treated.

  10. I used Renu and I didn’t go blind. I believe the problems lies on all “NO RUB” cleansers .. So please rub your lenses even if your cleanser states that you don’t need to.

    Bacteria and protein buildup will cause infection.

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