Me? Four eyes?

All the contact lenses users out there, be careful if you have red eyes and it feels scratchy like you have something in the eyes. See an optometrist, not your regular Ah Bengs wearing bright blue long sleeves shirt with bright orange tie who works in chain-stores spectacles shops. You may need serious attention. Better still, see an ophthalmologist or the eye specialist because you may need medical attention. Both of these specialists only have the equipment to diagnose if your eyes have serious problems. Your corneas maybe rotting away and you are going blind.

Corneal ulcers are most commonly caused by an infection with bacteria, viruses, fungi or amoebae.
Contact lens wear, especially soft contact lenses worn overnight, may be a precipitating factor.
Fungal keratitis can occur after a corneal injury involving plant material, or in immunosuppressed people. Acanthamoeba keratitis occurs in contact lens users, especially those who attempt to make their own homemade cleaning solutions.

Untreated, a corneal ulcer or infection can permanently damage the cornea. Untreated corneal ulcers may also perforate the eye, resulting in spread of the infection inside, increasing the risk of permanent visual impairment. (source)

My left eye is red and needs hourly antibiotic drops until Monday and after that, I got to see the ophthalmologist for other eye drops. No contact lenses for me until the swelling is cleared and after that, I must reduce the hours I wear contact lenses.

Just now when I picked up my glasses and wore them for the first time, my kiddoes went, “Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness *gasping*… look like a secretary!!!” I don’t know what the heck they are talking about. Whether it is a compliment or an insult. My spectacles is the latest, just arrived model. Now, all the frames are rectangular with thick frames. *sigh* Now, I am just another regular Ah Lian. But I purposely chosed the least thick frame one. Or else I blardy look like Kellie Kwong.

So, got nerdy nerdy four-eyes anot? No mah hor? I spent RM360 on this tiny piece of thing, you know? An Essilor, multi-coated, high index, super-super thin, extremely light lenses which I shall treat like a piece of gold or else it will be destroyed by the toddler real soon.

15 thoughts on “Me? Four eyes?

  1. hehe…lilian – cute leh [dun worry, not very teh ah lian yet] mayeb it’s more like seksa-tory?? lol 😛

  2. Not bad what. After Gordon went and koyak my last pair of glasses, i salvaged the lens and went rimless. Can hardly feel them, so light. Mine’s also those super thin & ex$$ Hoya lenses, sigh…..

  3. Not nerdy la Lilian, more like hot, hehe.. Eh, the frame shape is similar to mine (yours is sharper at the edges) and my mum’s, and the colour is of the same shade as my mum’s, though my mum’s brighter (mum got her brand new specs recently). Mine is purple. I wanted a blue pair because blue suits me, but the brand (Elle) and particular frame that I wanted didn’t come in blue, only purple. Purple pun purple lah. I think I look nerdy without make-up with my glasses on.

  4. Nice! Not bad at all..! Don’t worry. If you are planning to wear specs for long term, make two pairs. The extra pair, cheaper one and you can wear it at home…so you won’t need to fear of being “blind” if one of your specs got “crushed”…

  5. That’s why lar I was wondering why is that kylie kwong holding lilian’s son…

  6. anastasia – Why la, somemore kena ‘I guess’ 🙂

    wuching – 🙂

    paul – wuah….my google adsense can’t afford Tag Heur yet. One day, one day….

    ahpek – Aiyoh….potong stim liao. All fantasies masuk longkang liao. *imagine ahpek staring hum-hum-sup-sup at Chinese p0rn mag with eyeflower spec that costs RM6, saliva dripping on page, ahpek wipe with cap pagoda t-shirt and swat flies on his blue cotton pants*

    fIre80 – Hey, I can cook like her too but too bad, I no fancy serving macam dia. (you get what I mean?)

    mythoughts – One pair already so expensive, no more money left for 2nd pair.

    Sky – Wow, purple! I wanted to get a lighter colour one but it makes me so old. 🙂 Then, I chosed one reddish one and sked it clash with my make-up (in case i use pink that time). The clock was ticking away ‘cos my optometrist was rushing before the lab close. So, I just hentam one la. Lucky, it looks quite ok IMHO.

    samm – Aiyor, with the new spec, I so tension to remember where I place it.

    sorcy – Gambate! (whatever it means)

    Yvy – hahaha, new nick again?

    Li Li – TQ.

  7. I am having the same problem as you’re facing now. Will be going for my 3rd visit to the eye specialist this coming Wed. Currently, on all types of eye drop and drugs.. 🙁

  8. Cute!!

    I had a friend who had similar eye problem oso.. some kind of infection, red eyes and swelling.. and it’s been going on and off for more than a month! had to put eye drops and all.. refrained from seafood, less Internet and TV.. kesian.

    Doctor says it’s a long term recovery process.. anyway, to all contact lens users, do take care.

  9. Ooo! Ur boy looks so cute, so lovable! And has anybody ever told u that u have a resemblance to Rafidah Aziz? Oh God! Not Kylie Kwong! Somebody needs new lenses!

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