Still praying for SCB

Usually, when life is good, I don’t have much things to ‘say’ to God and would just breeze through the weekend masses as part of a routine. Sometimes, when I have some ‘deep’ things, then, I found that I enjoy being in church more because that’s when I can really fall back on the Almighty for comfort.

Yesterday, LinPeh emailed some of us about SCB’s development:

she was recently re-admitted to the ICU because of pneumonia
infection. she’s battling that and the fever now.

I actually wanted to visit her next weekend because I am going to KL for a few days (my kids and the Asian X-games) but earlier, her family has requested to cut down on the visits because of fear of infection. So, I had dropped the idea because whether I am there in person or in spirit, it makes no difference because all our prayers and thoughts surely get through to SCB.

Do you all remember the nightmare I mentioned the other day? That I dreamt of SCB? Actually, I confided to someone that it is my way of lifting up some of her agonies because when I was in that nightmare, I can feel the distress of a person not able to breath (as in underwater). In a way, I see it as my means of reaching out to her through our spirits. That I know how she feels and know her sufferings.

I know many people are positive and think of only good thoughts and like to see that we are all immortals. People want to see a person on the brink of death, wakes up and walks away healthy. I also like believe that but since I had seen so many deaths before, I know that when a person was in SCB’s situation, we cannot be too sure. Because the only thing we will end up feeling is :

  1. God is not listening
  2. There is no such thing as power of prayer
  3. There is no miracle in life

when things don’t go as what our simple plan do. She has a long way to struggle because as what I heard, her brain was deprived of oxygen for a certain time. She was in coma for a long time. She may or may not recover in total health. We really do not know what the future holds for her. People in her (medical) condition is like taking three steps forward, 2 steps back because it involves a lot of her internal organs.

Let’s think good thoughts and send good vibes along her way again because she is back in the ICU once again. When a person is critically ill (as in between life and death), the only thing that keeps them going is their spirit, the will to fight it through. I am sure SCB will somehow, in her own way know that out here, strangers from all over the world are putting our will together to see her recover. Because her recovery not only helps her, but also seals our faith that out there, someone BIG is listening and responding to us.

This morning, I deeply pray this when I was in church:

God, please have mercy on all of us

lift Lisa’s sufferings and shield her from pain

keep her family strong and her daugher loved

let them have the financial resources to face this storm

give the doctors the wisdom to treat her

and most of all, God

so many of us are turning to You,

do not let us falter in our faith.

For every light that shines on Lisa

it will also brightens our hopes in You.

So, please, please listen to our prayers, Oh God.

(of course, I don’t utter the exact words but it looks nicer in writing, isn’t it?)

This post by Wingz is what spurred me to write the above. I don’t know why but somehow, when I was doing that meme, in my heart, I do wish I can pass it on to SCB ‘cos I know she would have humourous thoughts to share. And I never expect that indeed, the ‘what’s in my handbag meme’ really did reach her somehow. Wingz, I am so touched to see that post. I hope SCB wakes up soon and whacks your head with her handbag for stealing the meme from her. God bless you!