Do married men wear wedding rings?

Saturday morning, while I was stirring in bed.

“Dear, can you take number for me to see the other eye doctor?”

“Dr. Tan?”

“No, I don’t want Dr. Tan. I want the other one, dunno whathisname. The more handsome one.”

So, on Saturday when I was without my contact lenses and with no spectacles, I can’t exactly study how handsome my eye doctor is. Like if his eye brows are thick, eye lashes curl, nice teeth, hairy arms, nice, clean finger nails, what is the brand of his tie, etc etc. But I had noticed him all the time whenever I was in the hospital. He looks a little bit like Jackie Chan. But unfortunately, he talks like an Ah Pek. Anyway, I went back for another check up and hey, that man wears a diamond ring! Fuwah, I don’t remember seeing a man wearing a diamond ring for a long time, since my ex-boss. A diamonds crusted ring with a huge solitaire diamond. Ewws…I hate men wearing rings.
I notice that most male, married doctors seem to be under some sort of rules. Their offices definitely have a few, not one but several photos of the family and children. They usually wear wedding rings. Like my baby’s neonatologist (hope he is not reading this!) would have to remove his wedding ring before touching the baby in the incubator. (to avoid spread of infection)

Is it because their wives insisted they advertise boldly that ‘HEY, I AM A MARRIED MAN ‘(psst…ladies, that little band is not going to deter any wu-lei-ching/vixen from snatching him, ok?)

Is it because they are so used to have a foreign object wrapped around their fingers they cannot live without it?

I don’t know la. I haven’t wear my wedding ring for decades and I don’t even know where it is now. ‘Cos (hangs head in shame) my fingers swelled when I had my first pregnancy and the ring never seems to fit anymore.

And if loan shark brings a pair of hands and ask me if that belongs to my husband, I also wouldn’t know because I really can’t remember if he is still wearing a jade ring and his wedding ring. Die ler, how?

Wives, do you force your husband to wear the wedding ring? Wu-lei-chings, would a man with a wedding ring deters you from stealing him? Men, do you wear a ring? For what? Fengshui reason? Status symbol? Kena force?

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  1. I have never taken off mine since I got married. My wife took her’s off after she gave birth to our daughter. She had it widened later and now wears it too.

  2. get it enlarge just like adam’s wife..or can try out those modern looking white gold band, nice….with diamond enclosed in the band…I think below RM1k can get a nice one liow. but only if you think it’s necessary lor…afterall, i believe for a marriage to is alot more than nice rings… =)

  3. neo – find a rich girlfriend lor, filty rich that type. Or find a tai-tai to ‘pau’ you. LOL.

    mythoughts – I once worked for OE Design, the jewellers so I have phobias of expensive jewelleries ‘cos last time we had to pay for things lost in our department. So, jewelleries failed to attract me, but costume jewelleries, cheap-cheap and funky one ok lah.

  4. Diamond ring for men i think a bit gili i think,LOL..plain wedding band (for men) will do lar.

    doesn’t ur atm put family/children pics in his office?

  5. Dun like wearing the engagement ring nor the wedding ring… especially since tia is around and she is quite a handful. Penah scratch her legs. Tobat taknak pakai heheheh…
    ALamak bestnya dpt beg baru dengan baju baru….

  6. King always has his on, but I dun wear mine.
    And whenever friends ask, he will proudly but sarcastically say, “I am happy to let people know I am married, but she is not!” DIU…

  7. terese & i haven’t worn ours for many years now coz they get in the way when you’re doing things, now…don’t know where they are?

  8. SA – Oh really? That’s nice. Now that you mentioned it, yeah, my baby’s doctor is a Catholic. Now that explains it.

    wuching – Wah…you oso like dat? I just checked my atm’s fingers. Yeah, he no longer wears his rings. He got two. One is the wedding ring, the other a jade ring which an old man asked him to wear ‘cos his hands got lubang (gaps between the fingers) which cause money to flows easily (easy spender). He said he got tired of soap sticking to them.

    kw – Good, must ‘tie’ them up a bit. Who knows, when they hanky-panky, the ring zaps their conscience hor? Hahaha.

    simon – Oh for sure…lucky our medical expenses are paid by ‘ahkong’ so no feel the pinch.

    maR – That’s also one reason I stopped wearing rings or keeping long nails. I oso accidentally scratched some of my kids before.

    sooi2 – He got but that time, we have only 2 kids. After that, I don’t fancy having my pics in his office anymore. But he got toddler on his laptop wallpaper la. You can bind the finger but cannot bind the heart. Hahaha.

  9. Till now, the both of us havent really took the time to go choose a decent pair of rings….. so, no wear ring….. not married, hahahaha

  10. I’m single, but wear a diamond ring and a platinum band when I go out, to ward off unwanted attention. Kononnya la! But that didn’t stop the wolf-whistles, though. Once a Turkish guy came to my office to ask me out on a date (I met him once before), so I flashed the diamond ring to him and said I’m engaged. The look on his face… muahahaha. Kesian laki tu.

  11. I do realise that I may scare potential suitors away by wearing the ring and band, but I don’t want any, so that’s fine with me.

  12. Reminds of a song:

    Rich girl wears a ring of gold
    A poor girl one of brass
    But the only ring that Dinah has
    Is the one around her arse.

  13. even i stopped wearing mine, scared kena robbed :p even hubby oso never wore his wedding ring

    hubby had more rings than me!!! he’s a fashionista :p loads of silver ones too but i really lup his rings esp the one from Tous but we cant share them hahaha too bad!

  14. Me can never wear a ring, be it academy ring or wedding ring, cos it almost killed me when I was working with electronics / electrics before.

    Well, mainly now, cos my fingers can’t fit, ANY SIZE

  15. Hihi, must wear la, why not wear, why must force 2 wear…. afterall sudah khawin must signal tat you already tie teh knot why must hide hide unless got secret underground project lor…. so, must wear not matter what.

  16. I love men who wear a ring on their finger. Simple band ring with no frills lar. I think it makes them look sexy. I think the ring adds to the allure of men coz it says “I am off the market”. WuleichingS are attracted to the challenge the ring symbolises. The bigger the challenge, the more fun in when u finally get the man. Muahahahahar.

  17. Hahaha… you’re so spot on there…

    My finger also swelled during my first pregnancy and now the poor ring lies in the safe deposit box in the bank… hubs one also lying there LOL

  18. Got any filty rich girls to introduce to me or not? 🙂

    I want filty rich and super hot that type.

  19. I got a wedding ring…at the moment! Outgrew all the rest…and for a long time, didn’t wear! Guess that explains why my wife was jittery, a nervous wreck…especially when majority of my friends (English teachers) are women! Recently, went to buy gold for colleague’s retirement and ended up buying a ring for myself…and now, wife is happy! Gee…u should hear the story about the roti-canai maker and HIS ring!!! Now want to eat, must check to make sure…no ring first!

  20. STP…ok..I just lost my breakfast thanks to that roti canai comment..hehehehe…

    A diamond wedding ring? Is this the huge one like the CM of Sarawak wears (which incidently, if we sell it, can feed a poor family for 1 whole year..but that’s not what I’m here to talk about) or is it the small type… The last time I saw someone wearing a diamond wedding ring…it was the guy’s wife and she passed away….(sad..yeah..a memory of her) but I have yet to see any other guys wearing a diamond wedding ring….

    STP….you sound like our beloved late aunt lah…go shopping for gold as gifts for other people and end up buying for herself 🙂

  21. i won’t force him to wear a ring but i would feel nice seeing him wear the symbol of our marriage on him. but this is me talking now…ask me again in another 10 years. i may have a change of opinion. 😛

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