Bike licence

This little boy here has gone for his undang-undang test at this very moment and then to take his bike licence. *chew nails*

Just last night, in the car:

“Dear, if Jeff didn’t bring up the subject about getting his bike licence, don’t you dare to bring it up. The longer he delays, the better.”

But what do you know? Back home, he greeted us with :

“Papa, tomorrow morning, wake me up 7 am because I am going for my undang-undang test (traffic signs test).”

So, looks like I will continue to pusing-pusing posing-posing with our bike while my eldest son has gone on to take his licence. *haih* My atm insisted that if Penang boys do not know how to ride bikes are nerds and pons.

“But my second sis’s three sons all also don’t ride bikes what.”

“But your second-bro-in-law is from Ipoh what. You don’t know that Cantonese people are extra kiasi wan meh?” (don’t throw your shoes at me, I did not say that, my atm said so)

Now where is my Stormie Omartian “The Power of a Praying Parent”. I need that now and more coffee, please. Soon atm is going to buy a bigger bike next.

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  1. YOYO, so young take bike licent ah, safe anot ah? abuthen ppl in penang better 2 have bike lor, get around easy compare to cars but then still very young to ride a bike still….. anyhoo, best of luck, u boleh! Cheers!

  2. JoeC – That one very, very old photo la wei. Now already 5’7″ and 16+ yrs old, still small ah?

    wuching – I would have preferred he waited till 18 years to take a car licence. Abuden, boys will be boys.

  3. Not small afterall but still young lor, like you said wait till 18 mah….. I did not get my racing licent until was 18++++ but did not get to drive until 24++++…. Cheers!

  4. once he gets his licence, he will want a bike. once he has a bike he will want to go ronda ronda. once he go ronda ronda, you will start to worry. once you start to worry…………

  5. penang too many motors liao…very hard to drive car in penang… but motor is more convenient… save petrol and traffic jam not a problem

  6. ahpek – Let me finish the sentence for you, then…you will have to read my ranting posts..But wutdu, the father say can mah, so mah can lor.

    neo – Wait I strike lottery first then only can buy sports car.

    JoeC – Wuah, so kesian you. I started driving around 18-19 yrs old wor. By 24 I married liao ler and own my own car liao lor.

  7. Lilian, when my son lost his bike, I offered prayers of thanks to God because I don’t have to worry anymore! Now my girls are taking driving lessons…help!

  8. Buy him scooter 😉

    Nevertheless, I don’t think your son are dumb to join those Ah Beng sucidal-racing club.

    And don’t forget to teach him the golden :
    “Besides yourself, all riders/drivers on the road are MORON 24/7, so always watch out”.

  9. My bike license plan was never realized due to domestic red-tape. (Read: Parental objection!)

  10. Mine same as Narrowband here, parents won’t let me take the bike license, have to go with the car. As for the car licence, they’re very much fine with it but I haven’t taken lessons yet. 😛

  11. Is that picture ur eldest boy way back when he’s still mama’s boy?? LOL Boy, how big he has grown hor??

    I love the pic of u on that bike!! Damn sexy….. if only u’re in leather and no little boy in front! 😛 Serious mia, you look hot in black T and black pants!

    Serious now. I did not let my boy take motor license coz I do not want him in a bike. For family who cannot afford a car then I guess they will have to take the bike… but for those who got car at home, I prefer the boys to drive. Quite dangerous out there lar…. Too many moron drivers around…. and also kamikaze bike riders….

  12. Make sure u buy heavy PA for him…hehe..

    I got my driving license when i was 18. Started to drive when i am 23 when i bought my SLK. aka Small Little Kelisa hehe not SLK Marciles …soon

    Married when I am my SLK goes to my hubby…have to one to jum to get my car now..sigh..

    Hopefully by 25 after my bb’s delivery I wana get a real SLK Marciles…if my bizness permits and grow fast enough…kakka…dreaming.. of my own sport car dene…

    Don’t think my parents will get me a sports car.

  13. Lilian…you would really look good in leather studded jacket, german helmet, riding boots etc. LOL
    Like that picture of you on bike! Very yau ying!

  14. I always ride bike with or without lesen, and my dad always say:”Don’t dare say U pass your bike lesen until U kiss the road (aka skid and fall)”.

    One fine freak accident made me give it up for GOOD, I skid and fell at a corner from my Army Camp, which I have to pass thru the Pusara Aman. Somehow, my bike did a wheelie by surprise and I fell at the traffic light and rolled over to a grave.

    Dang! Hurt quite bad *(scar still have till now) but lucky no broken bones etc. So then on, NO MORE BIKE. I GAVE AWAY MY PRECIOUS BIKE to my Camp Gang, but my daredevil stints still continue till today,Only when I am alone.

    More of this on my blog

  15. I agree with Helen…u look hot on the scooter! If in leather, reminds me of Olivia in “Grease”! Wah! 18 got license, 24 married…; History going to repeat itself…and at what age, become grandmother??? Ha ha ha!

  16. Lilian,
    I’ve been using the bike since I qualified for the licence in form 4. To tell you the truth, I got more accidents on the machine from my one year in KL than all the time I had in Penang. So rest assured that if your son rides with the right attitude and equipment, he is going to be safe.

    Get a good fitting helmet and ride with a jacket. The jacket is so that he don’t get sunburned and also protects the skin from scrapping the floor in the event of a crash. Get raincoat, you dont want to get stuck in the rain.

    I crashed badly in KL a few times, I think after the 3rd time, I decide to come back to Penang. Cannot tahan la! Never had anything bad happen, the worse was when i lost some flesh (the size of a 10 cent coin) in the leg due to scrapping the tar road. It scarred.. but I can live with it.

  17. Ha ha ha! Wuching’s jealous cos I never complimented him on his looks…and hey, man! U should learn how to flatter a woman lah! Then they’ll let u do whatever u want!!

  18. Eee…”forbidden fruit is sweeter”! No lah, as I’ve always said, I always compliment where deserving. Nice, I say nice…not nice, I don’t say anything. So that’s why when Wuching posted his own photos, I didn;t say a word…Ha ha ha ha!

  19. STP: oh c’mon now, i know u wanna be like me! i bet u cut ur hair short like me & tried putting gel on it to see if u can look like me, right? doing it secretly in the bathroom sked ur wife accuse u of mid life crisis! hahahaha

  20. hoho good la. Must know how to ride motor. In Indonesia, kids in primary 5/6 now all know how to ride motor, even they seems small in it and will always get caught if police saw. hahaha

  21. Omigawd! 1 Wuching MORE than enough! I think I’ll just remain STP…big, strong, friendly, cute, cuddly etc…etc…etc…

  22. Won’t that make the world more fertile?? Ha ha ha! Wah! Some people CBC…getting violent already, ya? Use dirty word (shit)now, ya? Ha ha ha ha ha!

  23. Yalah! WC is wuching or water closet = toilet or loo!! Ha ha ha ha ha! Shit or poo-poo is also the hope of the human race – renewable energy, bio-mass, the energy of the future!!! Thank God for people like me!…OK lah! Peace! Peace! No more squabbling! Lilian angry afterwards! Sorry ya, 5XMOM!! We promise we’ll behave from now on!

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