Mechanical wife

Last night, both hubby and I were strolling past our neighbour’s apartment which is on the first floor. Clothes of children and their father were hanging out at the balcony. (Wife had left the family)

Me : Well, without a wife, life still go on as usual ya? The clothes are still washed and dried.

Hubby : Of course, there is a mechanical wife now. That one that goes, ‘chikrong, chikrong…’ (indicates washing machine).

Me : What mechanical wife? *pinch hubby*

Hubby : Yalah, the kind that don’t go shopping or need to eat food, never nag kind.

Then, on a different time, my 10 years old son whom had just finished his Science mid-year exam asked me, “Name four basic needs”

Me : Food, water, oxygen and shelter

*thinks to myself, indeed, that’s the basic need ya?*

Son : Name four waste products

Me : Shit, wee-wee……

Son : Nolah, defecation, urination…..

Me : Wuah, you so terror-merror wan ah?

Well, it is true isn’t it? Basic needs and basic wastes don’t involve love at all. Mechanical wives serve their purpose as well. Then, how does one make sure that one is indispensable? I guess it is just a myth when we think that we are indispensable. Life still goes on with or without us.

This is to say that each of us, whether as a spouse, mother, daughter, son, father, sibling, friend, member of the community, employee etc really must put in some effort to see that our presence is really appreciated, felt, noted, make a difference (a good one, I hope) to others and we serve our purpose, right? Like the tagline, One life, live it!

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  1. Well, if washing machine not good enough (can’t hang laundry up to dry), there’s always such a thing as…an Indon maid? Gee! Stop nagging, wives! You’re walking on a tightrope, it seems! Be nice, sweet, loving, supportive…..

  2. mechanical wives no good in bed. very unresponsive. so you are safe but got to polish up a little bit on your kamasutra skills lah.

  3. the difference is in the love. without love, life can go on….but there is less meaning, less warmth and less glow. we make the difference by the love and care we give to those whose lives we touch.

  4. auntie, today post like a bit different style hor?

    sadly, many ppl nowadays are just merely breathing, not living at all.

  5. Of course all that can be replace but we have to ask ourselves, is this what we want for the rest of our lives, it is thew human condition, the feelings, worth to some, worthless to others and indifference to the rest. We can be a lone when we are capable but not when we are old and lonely. Cheers!

  6. Am single, so mom does all my laundry..unless she goes off for holiday with my dad then I end up doing all the chores at home cos my eldest sis is absolutely useless..even water the plants also cannot… hahahahahaha…

    The best way to make people appreciate the wives, mothers, maids is to ask them to do the household chores themselves and see if they can cope… some mom’s are basically super mom’s….they have their normal working schedule and they still manage to do the house chores without the help of a maid..I salute those super moms.

  7. I know…QV’s mom the best in the world. So patient, so kind, so gentle…does everything in the house (that’s why children all so spoilt and useless!). Hope QV will buy her BIG, BIG present for Mother’s Day. BTW, KK Diamond Centre gor promotion, nice pendant for RM899. When I asked last time, was RM1299!!!

  8. I hope you were planning to buy that for my ah so, your wife, and not for yourself or your mistress hehahahahaahahhahha

  9. I didn’t buy lah! I not so rich! U know teachers…underpaid and overworked!!!

  10. STP – Wuah…you all one big extended family hor? (heard from QV already)

    QuaVadis – Heh, talk about maid, that’s another story again.

    Wuching – You die! If Terese see this, she is going to buy you a blow up doll and ask you to sleep with that. LOL.

    JoeC – That’s right lor…Love is the most important element but sometimes, we forget that love takes a lot more work, not mere making the household run.

    sooi2 – Hahaha, I found your comment together with the spams of viagra, casino etc wor. Wuah….lucky you email me or else I would press ‘Delete All’ every morning without checking the spams. The post? Style different because I use negative phsychology mah. I agree with you that sometimes, when we are too busy making the household run perfectly, we forget to do our real duties, i.e. to love lor.

    mslenglui – The family is kinda sad but when I look from diff. angle, I realise, ‘Cham lorrr…I wonder if I am not around my family, my absence will be felt or life goes as as usual, or even better.’ So, with Mother’s Day coming, it is good we check on our real purpose hor? Must make sure we make ourselves so fantastic until indispensable! Wicked.

    ahpek – Heh, I never say I want to be a mechanical wife wor. I want to be the life force, the power, the light….Hahaha.

    STP – My hubby oso said mah, pay RM400 only get one Indon maid who can do everything liao. So, that means wives must go the extra mile, not in the maid/machines’ duties but the special touch lor, hor?

    azrin – Really, they have that? Wow, fold and iron? Bestnya!

  11. auntie, i think my komen still masuk together with the viagra & penis enlargement spam lar!

  12. Aunty Lilian..yeah..we all one big happy family 😉

    U not rich ah? If you not rich then I am basically a pauper 😛 Oh forgot..your father is rich..not you..hahahahaha

    Underpaid and overworked? Underpaid maybe lah..overworked? err..but you so free ah..can go online and post comments 😛 hahahhahaha

  13. Whoops, apart from the 1st comment which is addressed to Aunty Lilian, the other two is for STP 😛 though it does sound like I’m talking to Aunty Lilian

  14. Wuah, after I read yr post, I felt guilty. Silap-silap, Mr. & Mrs. Wingz thinks I tarak bayang kick pulak. LOL.

    QV – Hahaha, you got me there oso. I thot you tok to me.

  15. Yup, Lilian…perhaps Wuching should try the vacumn cleaner!!! Mechanical wife indeed!!! How old is he, ha? Getting the forty-year itch or what?

  16. Wah, Lilian. In Sarawak, Indon maid only RM150 a month. We employ two, still got change! No wonder Foochows here (not those in Melbourne) have SO many children…the wives can give their atms 100% undivided attention!!!

  17. SA – Hahaha, wait till Mrs. SA hear this!

    wuching – I love the way you guys punching each other. If you ever get together with STP, do call me. I want to see real fist fights. LOL.

    STP – Wuah, my part-time, twice a week, 4 hour each time house-cleaning lady already cost RM300 per month. That doesn’t cover ironing or laundry somemore.

  18. Lilian, I so big…where Wuching got chance! He so suspicious of maids…;excuses only lah! Foochow too stingy to employ maid!!! Aiyo, pity his wife! Think he must be 1 of those who treats his wife like slave!!!

  19. SI TUAPUI! remember david & goliath? so dont take me for granted, dont play play! as for how i treat my wife, i’ll let lilian tell u all about it!

  20. Tsk..not enough that Wuch and STP have to argue in Wuching’s blog, now they have to spread to Aunty’s one hahahaha…not getting involved in this fight of the giants

  21. And QV barging in, as usual!! Gone lah…all the peace in 5XMOM! And why must let Lilian tell me, Wuching? She ur mother out-law kah? (Oops…I mean mother in-law!)

  22. stp, yes there was oeace & serenity b4 stp comes into this blog!

    i let lilian tell u coz lilian understands me better, unlike u just know how to insinuate me & spread rumors only!

  23. Aiyo! I so bad kah! Chinese saying says if u point at others, there are four other fingers pointing back at u!! HELP! Lilian…u want to be Kopi Aman???

  24. YOu should repost this as the mechanical mom! I have been a practicing life as a gravely disable beautiful woman dependent on my mother primarily for lifes decisons and especially both parents for finances. My basic needs are stressed everyday by the constant sadomasochistic moods of my moms mechanical decisions and I feel she’s ruining my life. I want a divorce. I am 27.

    Merry Christmas

    From san ramon, ca

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