Eh, today what day hah?

Want to paucha liao. Three days I had been out in the hot sun at noon. You can practically feel the hair burnt.

But heck, it is so kick mannnn…..I caught moto-x riders SLEEPING on their flying bike in mid air! Fulamak, I am so proud of my photos.

Then, this afternoon I tot I thaw mata-mata eyeris. So, I walked by and said loudly “Are you eyeris?” Heh, he looked so blur. I wonder if he has figured out who I am. Cilaka, I thot he would go….’WAHHHHH 5xmom! 5xmom, 5xmom, autograph, autograph puhleeeezzzz’ but he looked so confused. Poor guy must have sunstroke, I think. Hehehe.

And then….wah….damn shiok lah when Pa’din (one of the X-games participant. last year x-games gold medalist) told me yesterday, “I found your website, so nice!”

Now, what day is today liao?

(more photos available from Malaysia Best)

33 thoughts on “Eh, today what day hah?

  1. It’s Mother’s Day! Happy Mother’s Day, Lilian! Miss your daily write-ups…come back soon…and post all those wonderful pictures…

  2. soleilina – Thks, rindu ke?

    muteaudio – Tak lah, tapi Penang tu kan kecik? My sons adore him, I cuma driver hantar anak pergi skateboarding and lepak kat skate park tu? Tapi camna dia boleh stumble on my blogs, I tak tau lah. I prefer not to know, LOL.

    celestine – I hope you have had a good time in Penang!

    may – Tks!

    maR – Same to you! Baru balik, got lots to catch up, so here’s wishing you too.

    mythoughts – Hehehe, it is nice to be missed.

  3. Yesterday was Mother’s day, so Happy Belated Mother’s day to you Aunty, and today is another day at work, and its Monday Blues Day and tomorrow is teachers day, so Happy Teachers Day to all teachers out there and especially to STP

  4. Ooo…thank u, QV! Nice 2 be remembered! And belated Happy Mothers’ Day 2 u, Lilian. How did u celebrate with ur ATM? I took my wife and girl…and went to eat Japanese!!! Luckily we went for lunch (Girl got exams 2day) cos last nite, got severe storm!!! See 6th Seal, modem got struck by lightning!

  5. QV – Tks and tks again for telling me about Teacher’s Day. I wonder why my kids didn’t ask me to make potluck for party….Probably the teachers no mood to celebrate?

    ahpek – Hehehe, he is not exactly young x-gamer ‘cos he is 30 and owns his own company and online forum, website, online store……

    simon – Today is rainy day and yesterday was hazy day in KL, gee…is KL always that hazy?

    wingz – I silap-silap baca and thot you call me taikarche. Chey…tangkachi is what ah?

    soleilina – šŸ™‚

  6. _butt – I dunno why your comments went into my Askimet spam. Lately, a few comments had gone in there and usually, I press Delete All and didn’t check, lucky I did this time.

    STP – Me? I celebrate with standing in the hot sun lor….and stalking young x-gamers LOL. Plus driving back from Penang to KL in the hot sun oso and now, I got a tan. Eat? I ate nasi melayu along the highway. Apamaciam? Like that counted as happy anot? Hahaha. But I no big deal about Mother’s Day or any other day wan ler….Dunwan my kids to get into all those commercialism and follow the crowds.

  7. Aunty Lilian, Most likely the kids don’t want to celebrate, that’s why no pot luck this year šŸ˜›

    STP: Severe storm in my old hometown? Was the “Most Handsomest Man in Sibu” Torturing some poor animal (Kudik Hari)

  8. QV – Why STP never start his own blog hor? Or does he have one tuck somewhere where I don’t know?

    *flailing arms calling for STP’s attention* Eh, Cikgu STP, nak start belog untuk pelajar tak? I gerenti it will be good community service or scam, you choice. šŸ™‚ Cos I am getting kids leaving comment in my blog ‘Mana nak cari soalan bocor PMR?’ STP, want to joint-venture, we start bisnes ‘Ramalan Soalan Bocor untuk UPSR, PMR, SPM, STPM’. Langganan – RM5 untuk sebulan sahaja. Tip-tip akan dihantar melalui sms terus kepada anda. Pasti kena mata kerbau (bull’s eye)

  9. HAHAHAHA….Aunty Lilian, maybe we can set up the blogsite for STP and sell SPM and MUET English Paper to the students by making it a paysite hahahahahahahahahaha.. so what you say STP? Can or not? hahahahaha

  10. I was in sunway during the weekend and i kept an eye out for u n ur toddler…unfortunately no chance for me to go “WAHHHHH 5xmom! 5xmom, 5xmom, autograph, autograph puhleeeezzz!!!!”

  11. Eh Lilian.. I thot u were going to hibernate in the hotel room. Apa sudah jadi? Happy Mothers’ Day to you …

  12. Wah! Lilian, u sure u not Foochow! So enterprising…! Can even make money out of those little poor souls…struggling to excel in exams. And gee…which school got students bringing pot luck for Teachers’ Day? My school (wuching’s alma mater) – ALL boys! Don’t expect anything! Even those isolated few who give, very unimaginative!! Sigh!

  13. STP – I am Hainanese, equally enterprising. šŸ™‚

    Lyza – I ni kan Lima extreme Mom? Hahaha, mana ada masa nak hibernate….Hope you got a great Mother’s Day celeb.

    foodcrazee & wuching – TQ

    QV – Can work one….sure got lots of people paying. Hahaha. STP – so you want to do a community service or want to scam, the choice is yours.

  14. poor thing – i know how it feels being burnt šŸ™

    but looks like a very god time you had – rawk on, kak lilian!

  15. Ya, I wonder wuts the problem.. because when I submit the comment it didn’t appear.. which explains the double post.. *paiseh*

  16. Ha! Ha… U quickly go & cut some Aloe Vera & put on your face as a 20-minute-mask lah! Can cure your skin wan.
    Then hor, U will become more leng lui, and your ATM sure swoon wan.

  17. HEY! My husband in the x games leh!! you never spot him ah>??? hahahaha.. i think too many leng chai’s there..

    and no..he not participant leh..he chaperone for some thai kids he’s sponsoring..

  18. mott – Yalor, yalor, lots of hunks there. Thai kid? Jirawat?

    tongkat ahlian – My face no burn, only my head.

    laksa – tenkiu

  19. oi, I never see your face before mar, mana gua tau you are the infamous 5Xmom? šŸ˜€ Samor it was so damn hot, my brain melt liao….

    Besides, I should be the one who is flattered that YOU recognised me instead, haha. How DID you know me anyway?

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