People who thrashed and embarrassed service staffs ought to be kick to hell

I was at McDonalds this morning. It has just opened and there wasn’t any customer except me.

After I ordered the Buzz Lightyear toy, apple pie, nugget, ice-Milo with little ice and coffee, I was about to pay.

Came an auntie about late 50s in her loud, English speaking voice ordering “Three chicken burgers, take home”. The staff has not finish giving me my change and this old hag just cut through with her loud voice, standing next to me.
So, the sweet young Malay girl told her to ‘wait ha, auntie’, smiled and carry on giving me my change and starting to get my order done etc. While waiting for her to get the stuffs, I decided to step about five steps away to let my toddler ride on those kiddies ride.

Old hag got mad and got even louder. Dei, you are in McDonalds and you are supposed to queue lah wei (I was thinking to myself). She shouted and wave for the McD’s supervisor who was doing something on the PC in a little room. “Wei, why no one around? Service very bad.”

After I dropped the coin into the kiddie ride, I went back to the counter and gave the old hag a hard stare, indicating that it is still my turn and not hers. Poor girl was flustered and tried to explain to her supervisor that she is still servicing me and it is not the old hag’s turn. After the old hag was done with, the girl again got another lecture from her supervisor.

This reminds me of the time when I was in KLCC, one night just before Raya. So, the Raya mood was there and the McD’s staffs were cleaning up as they were closing the next day. One fat lady wearing some dinner dress made of velvet (velvet made fat people fugly, ok?) was scolding a counter staff. Heck, it is Raya mood so give the chap a break, will ya? It is going to be Raya so cheer up! She was angry because when the guy opened a new counter, a few of us who were behind her noticed and ran to join the new counter causing her to be left behind.

Then, there was another occassion when I was at some coffee joint along the North-South Highway. A group of men, possibly just being made rich by some new econ. policy, wearing huge rings and acting all belagak also treated the service staff there badly. This sort of behaviour from the bunch of rich, Malay, businessmen was rather disturbing to me because they had lost their sopan-santun and lemah-lembut kind of manners.

Frankly, I am not an angel and had been a meanie to some service staffs sometimes. But this is when they got annoyingly rude, bull-headed and tried to be smart. I think it is very unkind for us customers, usually richer, more fortunate, more educated to treat these young people who are trying to eke out a living this way. Many of them may not be trained by their management. Some of them probably are scared shit of their customers. So, it is very unkind to torture them that way. PMS kah, menopause kah, lack of sex kah, there is no excuse.

Next time, if I ever get to Heaven, I am going to ask God to assign me to help the gatekeeper. I will kick every one who had been unkind to break the air-muka (self-esteem) of service staffs in public to hell.

Good manners begets good service. Bad manners deserves their food to be spitted on.

15 thoughts on “People who thrashed and embarrassed service staffs ought to be kick to hell

  1. Service industry is one of the toughest jobs in the world…ppl who aren’t made for it might just die of high blood after a few months.

    btw auntie…my komen still go into the viagra box ah? very potong stim la kenot c my komen on the spot.

  2. Maybe they think that since ‘customers are always right’.. they can simply bully their way around, especially with trainees at work.

    Such inconsiderate people.. *sigh*

  3. *rubs eyes* where got, where got? Heh, I am serious, some of the people got rich already, start to look down on others and loudly chided the coffee joint staffs whom probably come from poor surrounding areas.

  4. wish we could have more guests like you Lilian. I always believe as long as I am POLITE – they cant do shit to me.

    Being in the industry, with what you said, can you blame us ? Thats why, a lot of PPL doesnt want to work in this industry anymore. Customers is always right, so they preached….me ? NOPE – not if u outright rude. If I am that SERVER, I would have just told the lady off. MADAM – please queue up as I am still serving this wonderful super 5XMOM.


  5. haha..i just shouted at TM for not servicing my problem properly!! Now FINALLY! I have a good phone line..and streamyx .. after 1 freaking week!

    After I shouted, I apologised for shouting.. sigh..

  6. I’ve always felt that it was never right to treat those in the service industry rudely. After all, they are just trying to make a living there.

    Of course there are times when I could be mean and give the service staff some hard times but that’s because they were being obnoxious and rude to their customers while still charging us 10% service tax. One of the main reasons why I never step into Mid Valley’s Secret Recipe anymore. 😛

  7. Some service-staff think you slaughter their family member and rarely smile. OTH, some customer think their money bigger than roda kerata lembu.
    I notice indonesian helpers(female) do smile frequent than locals service-staff.

  8. Hahaha yeah, I get you. Sometimes some ppl are so hardup, they dun think twice about stepping on others to bring themselves higher up.

  9. Yo Auntie, no McD in KLCC. Too much a political target.

    The way it is going, we would definitely welcome a proletariat uprising; within the sensitive word group.

    Didn’t give the rude auntie a 5X slap???

  10. I’m from the service industry and I’ve seen and heard all sorts of abuse hurled at service staff.

    Yes, Customer may be king, and Customer may always be right, but it sure as hell doesn’t give them to right to be rude and uncivilized.

    However, if a service staff reacts with calm and politeness even if customer is a total buttplug, then the staff should be commended for not losing their cool.

  11. Kak lilian,
    I have seen the rudest, nastiest service staff here in the uk. And I’ve worked in the sevice industry before, too, and got burnt all the times from customers who think that they are high and mighty….and I agree lah, you could jadi gatekeeper to Heaven. Kick those sorry ass losers down to Earth *lol*

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