Malaysians and their herd mentalities

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I had a short MSN last night with a fellow blogger who often touched on politics. One thing that we agreed on is the herd mentality found in most people.

The media – Letter to the Editors

Do you notice how many people love to write to The Editor and quote “I agree with blabla columnist’s thoughts…..(then express their own which is a copycat of what was written).

The blogsphere

Have you seen how many bloggers tend to touch on the same issue and quote and re-quote the more prominent bloggers cum politikus cum self-declared established blogger (konon) views and add a few pinch of salt and pepper of their own and then, damn bangga like they know politics very well?

The copycats around us

Well, there are KFG fried chicken stall, MatDollah fast food and etc.

The copypasters and mob blog

Tell me how many ‘check this video out’ blogs there are now? Tell me how many “oh this is so yummy food blog’ now? Tell you what. If you are interested to start a blog, tell me what you are expert in and I gerenti you I can find a niche topic which earns you lots of Google Adsense.
Can’t people just be more creative and have opinions of their own? Well, even if they have none and keep quiet, no one is going to say they are dumb. But people are going to laugh behind their backs when they show their own stupidity by re-quoting someone’s else opinions and said something like, “Exactly my sentiments…..I was going to say this before Mr. So&so beats me to it……I was having the exact views like Dato’ So&So”.

Ellloooooo……please lah, stand on your own side of the fence and stop apeing people. Anyway, do you find some bloggers who blog the same topic rather dry and boring? I wish they would write something like they are constipated or found a cockcroach in their bathroom to jazz up their blogs. Hey, Mr. & Ms. Politicians and Mr. & Ms. Politikus-wannabe, how about making yourself more human so that we can connect and relate to what you are writing? After all, you don’t need more parrots on your blogs or those people who are wise beyond words whom you are not likely to change their minds. You need voters, grassroots like my readers and I to change the scene. Make yourself human so that we can understand your cause. How about engaging me to be your ghost writer? Rocket, Dacing, any brand oso can. I go where the wind blows.

Sidenote : At the Asian X-Games? I took a bunch of photos, be thick-skinned, posted the link of my photo album in one skateboarding forum and fuwah, even Pa’din Musa and the announcer Boy Ipoh also came by and dropped their comments. That is call thick-skin or innovative, whichever way you want to see. Then, I also thick-skin and called out Michael Cheang (kehkehkeh) who wrote the article in The Star today. So, dun anyone dare to call me C9 or silai or risk getting your balls cut off. I don’t move in herds, ok? Get it in your thick skull now.

20 thoughts on “Malaysians and their herd mentalities

  1. Of course, wanna be is just tat, a wanna be, not original…. talk abt politics, I steer away from tat topic altogether, too much emotion involved and anytime can kena from certain organization, who comes in the middle of the nite 2 take you away…. Cheers!

  2. Humans have herd mentality, nothing to do with Malaysians.

    All the video/food/pseudopolitical blogs are getting very tiresome I must say.

    Innovate, evolve? No…just regurgitate.

  3. “I go where the wind blows.”

    Better go where the money blows. LOL

    I’m also not comfortable with bloggers who are not exactly incognito airing their husband/wife/mother/father/sister/brother’s personal problems in the www. aiyo, pls have some respect ler.

  4. hehehe.. the video one must be me. Me! Me! Me! hehehe.. right? no? Dunno why, when i first started, there weren’t that many people searching videos. But seems like plenty now. I wanted to stop, but some told me to look for more. Now if you can give me the address for Video Annonymous, i need to sign up.

    “hi my name is Fat4, i am ashamed of posting videos since i started blogging…. ”

    hehehe.. cheers.

  5. 5-eks-mum, please teach me how to earn lots of money from Google AdSense by blogging about the demise of the terrapins, can? Kekkekee 🙂

  6. Well, lots of people started a blog for various reasons. For me, it’s a form of outlet for me to rant about the injustice going on in my life while remaining partially anonymous. 😉

  7. i dunno abt others…its just my interest in cooking that got my blog going. Not much into review as it gets boring after awhile. With my commnd of english, i cant write a good review anyway.

  8. “Well, there are KFG fried chicken stall, MatDollah fast food and etc.”

    That sentence alone is worth a million and shows why 5xmom is 5xmom!! Both Original and hot&spicy!! LOL

  9. SA – MatDollah has closed down. Serious, there are copycats like that. KFG – there’s one opening near my place.

    helen – Hot spicy and original. LOL Nice tag line hor?

    foodcrazee – I like your blog cos you are writing about things that I never heard of. No restaurant deserves a review unless they make me very happy or pissed me. Muahahahar…you never know what the search engines can dig out. And I never accept any of the free food offered to me. Heh, I got ‘bin chooi’ (face water) wan.

    piggy – Yeah, a punching bag like that.

    Andy – You no need to agree, you got your own style already.

    pelf – I guess if you are serious about conservation of them, you should proceed ‘cos you never know whom you can help with the info you know. Of course,always do somethign for a good reason and then, only the Adsense comes in. Hey, do it lah.

    Fat4 – I notice you started sharing the video earlier but now, so many video this, video that, until sienz oni.

    sooi2 – I dunno why lor, I got no eye for money wan. Even with Adsense, it was more of a personal challenge to up the figures I get but I never feel anything great about getting a cheque each month (oops, did i just leaked out?). They don’t translate into $$ and cents for me. As for your second para, there is always karma.

    QV – One of the thing I learnt in RCIA is how we Catholics ought to form our own opinions and stand our ground. Well, I have always been like that.

    ST – Last time, there were only two or three buggers who did that. Now, it is the whole bunch. Sheesh.

    eyeris – equally ………

    JoeC – Yalor, we must remember why we do/say something and how it affects others hor? Don’t just tembak without thinking of consequences.

  10. You don’t mind if I take umbrage at this post, do you? It’s because you’re giving me the impression that being a “copycat” is a sin, rather than a mere annoyance.

  11. alamak, i’m guilty as charged seeing that i had used ‘my sentiments exactly’ more than once! aiyooooo

  12. (1)imitation is the besta form of flattery, someone said.
    (2)plagiarism is akin to imitation but is an offence under copyrights (kopileft for socialists wannabes like me).

    The first — luckily for the human race — act of imitation is copulation between Adam and Eve. They call it “sex” nowadays.

    The second — mainly C&P — wil be found out sooner than later. Many bloggers are guilty but they don’t/cunt make money of IT. So I’ll bear/bare? with IT.

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