Bandwith 95% full!!!

I changed my webhosting to a bigger plan, added two blogs and last month, I over exceeded my limit.

This month, my webhost just informed me that I am touching 85% (yesterday) and now, I have almost exceeded my bandwith.

Today is only 19th May. There are 12 more days to go. How lah……..My kind webhost may give me some extra bandwith but this is not the solution. Maybe I should start putting up ‘Paypal Donate’ on my site and ask my toddler and kids to wear tattered clothes and hold an empty coconut shell and a sign that says, “Donate to mommy”.
I don’t store any image or audio files. All images are linked from my Flickr Pro account. Only WordPress blogs. I suppose I need to change a few blogs templates to something less graphic intensive. Anyone has good recommendation for WordPress 2.0 compatible template which has lots of space for Google Adsense, compatible on IE and not graphic intensive?

So far, I have changed threeร‚ย  blogs using HiTech’s Adsminded WordPress template which I hope can reduce the bandwith usage. But I am open to more suggestions. Please give me the leads to great WP 2.02 three-column template which has PLENTY of space for Google Adsense (I survive on this to cover my webhosting). I am not changing webhost at the moment and will probably increase my webhosting package. *make mental note to buy Magnum 4D, Damacai, Sports Toto and lotteries tomorrow*

So, is this good news or bad news? I also dunno.

13 thoughts on “Bandwith 95% full!!!

  1. icic..maybe you should consider having a reseller plan instead of shared hosting.
    I’ve noticed you have a few blogs, so a reseller plan is really what u need right now..and wont cost u too much..

    I would recomend see their plans here:

    and yes..they are good..i use them myself ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I would consider it as good news, you sure don’t want your blog to use the same bandwidth as 1 year ago. That shows more visitors are viewing your blog now. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Getting a bigger package is probably the best solution and I’m always negotiable to offers.

    More bandwidth used = more visitors. Yeay!

  3. Instead of reseller account, you can get a account(mother company of resellerzoom). I haven’t try them personally but it is one of the top uptime hosting site.

    btw, have you check webstats to see what stuff take up much bandwidth?

    For wordpress template, I recommend my 3 column kubrick theme. ๐Ÿ˜› It is ultra flexible but not adsense ready.

  4. wingz – Wuat? I need to go beg liao to fund my hosting somemore want McD.

    Moses & Liew CF – LOL, I have no intention of growing la, no expertise. Anyway, HiTech (my webhost la), is going to give me extra bandwith until I find a solution. Maybe pay a little more lor. Cos my current hosting, I bought very, very small hosting only. Less than RM200 per year. No money mah.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for the info and will definitely keep this in mind in case I expand. LOL.

  5. ahpek – that one is my kunchoy pun (coffin fee) lah. Never mind liao, my webhost will work out something affordable for me.

  6. wuching – If you really mean to ask, then let me explain. Each time you come to my site, you downloaded things from my server (like a giant PC of mine) to see. This is call bandwith. So, if I got more visitors, my bandwith usage is higher. I have 10 GB and now my very kind and friendly webshost, Mr. Bryan (of Sapiensbryan) has generously increased my allocation temporary.

    We we have our own webhosting, we have two things to consider. Diskspace. Diskspace is how many things I store in my server. Bandwith is how much things people downloaded from my site.

    So, like you who visit my blogs every 5 minutes, you consume my bandwith which I have to pay lor. Hahahahaha…. And every comment you type, you use up my diskspace lor. kehkehkehkeh

  7. Lilian, you are more than welcome to tompang my bandwidth, as I get 13GB Daily (each site)… we only use a little of what is the capacity plus the fact I am paid up till 2009,and also I am running 5 sites at a go now, so I have more than plenty.

    My Offer still stands. (I know UR committed to supporting Bryan)

    Those who also looking for a host,We (MMB) are giving away first 6mths free *(subject to T&C), Details are available from me or Lilian thru the forums.

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