mE Me mEmE

I am bored
I just now saw Rojakz tagged me (in his comment board)
I said why he tagged my buddies Osama and Bush but never tag me
I want to be tagged too
I wish to do this meme
I hate being left out after niamah, niapah, Bush and Osama (rhymes sial) got tagged
I miss doing smart meme
I hate stupid meme like this

I fear doing too many meme will turn me into me, me, me.
I hear “sHoUT” song from The Wedding Crasher movie
I wonder if got other people who can watch a movie and blog at the same time
I regret I ran out of red wine on this cold, rainy night
I am not very happy because got naked breasts on the movie and my two sons are watching with me

I sing? Where got?

I cry? chisin….where got?

I am not always so desperate to do meme
I made a prayer for Rojakz’s old man today for his surgery tomorrow just now when I was in church.

I write this meme because every blogger oso do mah.
I confuse why got people read my blog but never leave a ‘hi’

I need to ask everyone who read this to keep Rojak’s old man in your prayers and thoughts

I start to get lor soh liao (long winded)

I finish liao

I tag Saddam Hussein and Ayah Pin

28 thoughts on “mE Me mEmE

  1. wingz – No need

    anastasia – Nolah, not like that. I count-count and count somemore. If I got 100 hits and get only one comment, so there must be at least 9 people who keep quite lor.

  2. Hi hi!

    Hahaha. You must be targetting ppl like me. Read only, never leave comments wan šŸ˜›

    Now I say hi ok? šŸ˜€

  3. lilian ah lilian! u did a post not long ago saying we no need to leave comment on every single post so i takut u think i overdo it lor! now u say i no say hi so i have to say hi! i say hi! u say lo! (so the song goes..)

  4. wuching oi wuching – Why hor, I write so many things ppl only see that one single sentence I put in hor? I joking oni lah….I everyday wait for your comment, ok? šŸ™‚

    su – Hihihihihi!!!! Tks!

  5. A big “Hie” to you! Please let me know, what is the meaning of “tag” people? I am not fluent in blog language…frankly, I’ve only been reading…lets see..about 5 blogs..and the daily dose from none other than the sometime cool, sometime fierce but mostly funny 5xmom!

  6. mythoughts – It is like little children playing kalitui. They pass on to each other the questions like a baton. That’s what a meme is. Just some inane stuffs to do when we ran out of materials to write. It is fun and does tell alot about ourselves. Thank you for the honour of being the top 5.

    kw – Hi Hi Hi!

    blur blur – I intro my webhost to you? Bryan, age 24, single……Hahaha, tell you what, I will tell him to contact you? He will be able to tell you the costs (very cheap only) and set up things for you.

    cocka – If you don’t simply shoot from the hips mah won’t get bomb lor.

    helen – hihihihi

  7. Lilian, I read your blog everyday without fail and I am one of the culprit who never leave a comment. Sorry lah.. I will make sure to leave a comment more often.

  8. SA – Ayah Pin is this guy who sort of merge Islam with Christianity and every other religions and he even built his kingdom of teapot! LOL. The authorities caught up with him and he sort of lying low at the moment.

    renae – Hihi

    blur blur – I had asked Bryan to mail you.

    Gertrude – I am so glad to bring this up. See? Now I get to know you too! Welcome!

    ubisetela – Hi hi

  9. Hi..
    Your blog has been one of the first I read and am still reading as long I am not piled under loads of work. :p
    Have been sharing your website with my friends. Just want to ask your permission to link to your site on my blog so that I do not need to keep sending it out. Ok ?

  10. Lilian, I talk to you on your other article: one zoom 5xmom or something like that, you never reply *sob sob* Now I can’t even find that article because of your HUGE archives *sob sob*

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