Of getting farked by bomoh, medium and courting monk

You have been pre-warned that this is a religious post.   However, it is not to uphold any particular religion above others. 

Recently, several cases of men abusing their religious position for the pleasure of their own groins had been brought to the public attention.   Women had been naive enough to have sex with men who posed as mediums to cure their ailments, bad luck and lengthening their life.  Mediums or bomohs are persons who purportedly can go into trance, allow some gods to into their bodies and at the moment, they are some of the gods themselves. Otherwise, they can pooh-pooh you with some holy water  claimed to be collected from some holy places and wash you off your bad things.
Mediums are those adopted by the Chinese and Indians.  Bomohs refer to the Malays (but not necessary Muslims).  I have had my share of mediums consultation.  Some had been extremely accurate in their predictions.  Some are utter rubbish and conmen.

Besides the cases we read in the paper, I notice that there are lots of different coloured robes monks (which appear  to be like the Buddhists faith) going about collecting money, jogging in the park with other women, swinging on children’s swing (I swear!) and all sorts of visiting holy people who are calling for major conferences.  Be it Christianity or Buddhism or wateva.

It is said in the Bible that at the end of times, there will be many kinds of false prophets who will pose as gods.  Even in Christianity itself, we at times are confused with the different kind of worshipping and way of treating the religion.  As Catholics, we are not all hype up about end of the world and its prediction.  However, do you all remember the so-called prophecy of a certain group who said Penang will be wiped out by the next Tsunami?  That, I found is rather nutty than anything else.  Sort of gives Christianity a bad name.

Anyway, with or without a faith, we can get utterly confused when we allowed our doubts to take over our confidence.  To me, religion is to live the way of life the religion expects of its followers.  When I say religion, I am talking about the major faiths and not the spun-off versions created, tailored, butchered and bastardised by men to suit their terms and not God’s will.  The relation between my God and I is on a personal basis.

So, as I see it, all these hilarious incidents like giving the body to a man posed as a godly person is a sign that humans are desperately seeking God.  They want the seen and can hold god.   For it is hard to worship an unseen God.  For Jesus said,

 “Because you have seen me, you believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe  (read the post by Qua Vadis)

Therefore, I must count myself lucky that through my past tribulations, I had found the unseen God, felt His presence and the goodness He had done for me.  I hope that those people who face tremendous difficulties in their lives will also find the unseen God and gain the strength they need.  Otherwise, they will turn further and further away and grab the next man that comes along with empty promises and lusty groins.  Men and women will get conned off their money and even, blinded by these false, empty talks.

Remember that the most powerful God is the one that we have not seen.   And the only way to know Him is to find Him within ourselves.

God bless and have a good weekend! Peace!

6 thoughts on “Of getting farked by bomoh, medium and courting monk

  1. those who believes too much into superstitious thingy will get burn one day. Even with chinese sinseh and stuff, if we have to burn our pocket then i believe they are shitty. Genuine sinseh will ask you to donate to the temple or give them an ang pau……right ?

    Looking at the world now, there’s a lot of signs from the book of revelation happening now. Does that means end of the day is coming….well, life is short..live them to the fullest then.

  2. Well, the way I see it, those men(to a lesser extent women as well) are the epidemy of evil. The same idea those claiming to kill for a cause. What kind of idiotic ideology is that? The victim, well.. I am not sure, if they are just stupid or just plain idiot. OK.. maybe I am a bit harsh on them, but come on!! my 2 cents.

  3. Kalau dah sanggup ‘menyerah diri’ tu memang bodoh la. Dah dosa besar tu. Tak pun the bomoh put a charm on the victim kot. Buatlah apa pun, the Judgement Day will come.

  4. Well, even in the medieval days, these mediums have always been plaguing people, and with their work dealing with devil and Genies ..they cause alot of distress… even in the times of Muhammad (PBUH) that Allah sent down His words:

    Say: “I seek refuge with (Allah) the Lord of the daybreak,
    From the evil of what He has created;”And from the evil of the darkening (night) as it comes with its darkness; (or the moon as it sets or goes away).
    And from the evil of the witchcrafts when they blow in the knots,
    And from the evil of the envier when he envies.”

    Somewhat ..it’s a prayer to Him,that everything are at His will, and if It’s not Willed, It Shall Be.

    Thing is, I believe in that is

  5. i agree with foodcrazee…if they are really pure and doing God’s work to assist fellow brothen they shouldn’t ask for a fee that will strain our pockets and they also should promise rainbows when we seek help in our problems or answers to our most deepest questions….

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