Ovulating and sugar high

Argggh…I am nursing a headache. Wanted to just pop two panadols but too lazy to do so ‘cos need to locate where the meds are. So, we went out for dinner and got myself four slice of cakes. Mango Cheese (above pic), Chocolate truffles, Coffee Mud and Raspeberry Chocolate.

One quarter of the cake is RM7.50. I bought four slices for RM30. So, I got on the car and my accountant husband asked how much per slice. I told him RM7.50. Then, he asked how much per cake ‘cos I just bought one whole cake few days ago. I said, RM22. So, kena farked ‘cos why I never buy a whole cake and save RM8.

Diu, if you want four different flavours, of course you need to pay more mah. Say, if you have only one wife, mah cheaper than having four mistresses lor. Correct anot, you say? Everyday eat the same flavour not the same as eating different flavours mah. Haih….men. *go stuff cakes into face*

BTW, I am very in tune with my body wan. Hehehe, I am ovulating and it causes the headache and sugar cravings. So, don’t anyone pissed me off or risk getting PMS rant. Who want to fight? Come lah, come lah. Mau lawan kah?

16 thoughts on “Ovulating and sugar high

  1. wahh.. sama lah kita, Lil Chair Chair! when i’m ovulating kan, i can finish one whole cake/ 1 whole bar of choccie/ 1 whole tub of HD ice-cream in one sitting! i just need anything sweet la if not i’ll turn green and become like The Incredible Hulk! gila hor?

  2. kakakakaka

    1 Piece = RM7.5
    A quarter is RM7.5 X 4 = RM30
    so a full cake is RM30 X 4 = RM120

    Whole Cake = RM22

    walau if i were them i will only sell the cake as individual pices, as they are making so much more ..

  3. lol. the male species will never understand. rm8 for variety watttt… not too bad.

    definitely THE remedy. who needs panadol?!

  4. Better than what we used to gobble down…
    Bought whole BOX of CHOLOCATE CHEESECAKES for alot of money.. those Costa bos always give us extra + 20% off staff discounts…cos we were regulars…

    NOW: It’s just me and Tia..occasionally snug out and go shopping for groceries..and then… STARBUCKS…or Whichever … and she will be jumping about whole trip home…and Zzzz all nite..cos flat out.

    *(Note: WHOLE BOX IS 30!, each about £2.75.. I think)

  5. U got a headache? …..Poor ATM!! Should have bought the whole cake, then the poor guy can have the rest to keep him distracted!

  6. STP..I tot my maths was bad…4 Quarters of a cake total ONE CAKE ALSO LAH!! hahahahahahaha no wonder you end up an english teacher and I a useless bum that sprouts long meaningless sermons hahahahahahaha

    Aunty…yum..Coffee Mud cake…..okie..am salivating now….those super moist rich cakes are the one thing I can never get right SOB! SOB! anything else, no problemo.

    Hope you all have a great week ahead.

  7. FOOOD FIGHT!!!!!!! wahahaha I think Lilian’s aim too good to challenge LOL

  8. Will not take cakes if I can’t find a good cup of tea or coffee.

    Remember to buy whole can of tea leaf instead of tea bag, otherwise you will kena tius again ;).(now it is 5 times the price)

  9. I eat less when I’m menstruating, but a week before menstruation, now that’s a different story. I can eat, eat and eat. Good European chocolate is top on my list to satisfy my sugar cravings.

  10. clap clap clap… hurray for women who cave into their cravings without a care in the world! We need more moms to be happy..then there will happier families!

  11. Hi Lilian,
    Where did you get the cakes one ? Looks so yummy and yet the price is so unbelievably cheap. RM22 for whole cake ??? Where, where ? Let me know where ???? Kha-meh, going to ovulate liau………………..

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