WordPress plugin – Related Post. I love, love, love!

If you are using WordPress, do instal this plugin. I love it ‘cos it haul up all my older posts like a big fishing net catching all the anchovies plus a rare expensive, prize white pomfret. If not for the plugin, I probably had forgotten what I crapped in the last year, last months or weeks.

Each time after I published a post, I will check out what the plugin has dragged in. Surprisingly, the posts are really very related. So, I must applaud the genius of a guy who wrote the plugin.

WASABI is the name. You can get your download here. And please don’t ask me how to instal because the instructions are in there in the zip file. It does take a little copy and paste job because you need to indicate where you want your related posts to appear. I put mine in the single.php file.

BTW, does anyone know where I can find a good ‘Email this’ plug in? I have one installed on MalaysiaBest but I don’t think it is working. Mine is from GamerZ.

Today is one of those days when I don’t feel like blog reading or even replying my comments. I just want to stare into those php files and pull my hairs. Any other cool plugin I should explore?

Psst…in case you haven’t heard of Bryan’s new template Ads Minded, go check it out. It does make a little difference, you know? 😉 I have seen a little increase in Adsense since I changed the template. When I got around to master changing colours, I am going to change a few more blog templates. I will make them yellow, blue, green, purple, pink (done that), turqoise, fuschia, magenta……….so that I don’t confuse others’ blogs with mine. LOL.

7 thoughts on “WordPress plugin – Related Post. I love, love, love!

  1. SA – Nay…it only pick up related matters that are almost similar to what you are currently writing.

    Bryan – Yeah, still experimenting…

    foodcrazee – Check out my digital photo blog and hope you get some ideas from there

    nicktay – It is great!

  2. OOoooo..been looking for this plugin too. 🙂 Thanks!! O, there’s another plugin for this related post thingy too, but since u dont need it, wont bother telling u lar. 🙂

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