Catalogue vs. real life

The brochure (photo taken from the website). Oooh…such a large room with so much space and a nice sofa to tete a tete over coffee. So neat. So big. Besarnya…..Amboiiii…cantiknya…..Wuah…..

*potong stim music*

(pardon the bad photoshopping skill, I baru learn how to lasso, move and paste so the edge all edgy?)

It is so tiny, my kids fought over who gets to sleep on the bed. LOL. And the shitty thing is the reception just refused to let us extend our check out time to 2pm (from 1pm) eventhough we had asked really nicely. You see, by Sunday, the hotel is no longer fully booked. The Asian X-Games finals that we wanted to watch finished at 1 pm. So, we reasoned with them to give us a little time to rush back from Sunway Lagoon to Sunway Pyramid (which is blardy far and hot to walk). But no……they got no mercy. So, nyek this is to get even.

Anyway, we will never go back to a place where there are tonnes of tourists. I hate tourists. Yes, I do. The only good thing about staying there is to have breakfast with those handsome, foreign atheletes from the ESPN X-Games. And discovered that my atm can actually ice-skate! Fhweeet! Psst…I wasn’t there ‘cos my toddler was tired. My kids told me, “Mommy, aiyor…when you are not there hor, Papa helped many SYTs skating you know….But you don’t tell him that we tell you, ok? Later he kills us.” Heh, so nice to have mata-mata gelap.

20 thoughts on “Catalogue vs. real life

  1. mana ada tipu, the photo u see in the catalogue is shot from an angle that makes the room looks big mah..u can do that too!

    btw, ur photoshop skill catching up wif me liao..soon we’ll be photoshopping each other! hahahaha

  2. wuching – Yeah, once I mastered it, I am going to get even. LOL. The pic, actually I can put my wide-angle lense and make it that way but who cares anyway cos the room is much smaller than those suites I stayed in KL area.

  3. ahh, it is always the case ith these things, nice nice pixtures but not the sam as the real thing, many a times we dun read the fine print and instead admire the visuals only…… Cheers!

  4. not that a great a photographer..but even a different angle..the room shown in brochure and room actually stayed in looks hell smaller lah..hehehe..Kesian Aunty have to squeeze everyone into that small room..

    Wah…you trained your kids well ah…mata gelap least not as bad as my sister when she was younger..that one was a pure matal galap….leak every single thing to my parents about what the rest of the cousins, uncles and aunties are doing, cooking, buying..etc.etc.etc. Ask STP for more stories of her k-po ness hahaha

  5. That’s because of the angle from where the photo was shot.

    Anyway, how come no photos of the x-games?

  6. Wah, some secret ur hubby kept from u all these yrs, hoh. Must hv learnt them on his lone trips to KL…. who taught him ah…… piao mei???? *runs away*

  7. moo_t – Yeap, I think so too.

    Lyza – True-true. Eh, model ada sama tak? LOL.

    QV – Tks for watching the fort while I was napping.

    Soleilina – Got the answer yet, SYT?

    Neo – Haiyoh….I got so many pics lah. One whole album at my Flickr.
    In fact, if you Google/MSN/Yahoo for Asian x-games you will get my site on the top-top. šŸ™‚

    QV – Like that so kepoh scary ler.

    JoeC – Yeah, people usually get conned that way.

  8. Yeah..aunty, they all hated her..but now..grown up already..she hardly makes any comments and lives far far away from the relatives..I think she exhausted all the k-poness when she was a child and now prefer to keep herself away from family affairs hahaha

  9. fuwa, your atm very smooth la… btw the real room and the photo not too much diff la. i’ve seen worse, the bed also different, the decor totoally diff. then they say the pix is the superdeluxe room… cis.

  10. Aiyoh … was that bolster I see in your photo? Gosh, I guess you and your kids can’t sleep without them! šŸ™‚

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