Pt 1 : How I survived four World Cups with my man and still remain married

2002 Brazil 2-0 Germany International Stadium Yokohama, JAP
1998 France 3-0 Brazil Stade de France Paris, FRA
1994 Brazil 0-0 (3-2 pens) Italy Rose Bowl Los Angeles, USA
1990 West Germany 1-0 Argentina Stadio Olimpico Rome, ITA


‘Twas the first year I experienced the demonic possession of the World Cup (hereinafter referred to as the Cup, heh, legal lingo)with my man as a married woman. Previously, I had seen my two older brothers and their obssession with the Cup so I had been pre-warned. Twenty two men chasing after one piece of leather. But timing was good because I remembered I had my first son in 1990 and he (my husband & also baby son) actually woke up to watch the Cup and make milk and changed diapers. So, it was a blessings.


Let’s see…..Eldest son was four years old then and 2nd son was 2 years old. So, I suppose he wasn’t needed to wake up for night feeds. Frankly, I couldn’t remember a thing. Probably I was to busy throwing plates and cups at him.

Aha! I also cannot remember. Maybe I wiped out all traumatic experiences.

This was sometime after Vincent’s death. I remembered because ALL the doctors in Lam Wah Ee hospitals closed their day clinics early to watch the Cup in the doctors’ private room. *roll eyes* What!!!!??!!!! You mean, No one was supposed to get sick because of the Cup final? “Yeah, we only deal with emergency cases” came the smug reply from one doc. Meanwhile, my man was too busy watching the Cup on his super small, black & white TV in the comfort of his office! Talk about leadership by example!

(Above mini tv uses four AA batteries, in black & white, bought for the 2002 World Cup, costs about RM300, receives only RTM 1,2 and TV3, I think. I purposely left the batteries cover open so that you can get an idea how small it is. Hey, this is four years ago when PDA wasn’t invented yet. This year, my man is thinking of getting a plasma TV. *gives dagger stares*)

So, the conclusion is…..

(to be continued……because I know people got very short attention span)

watch this space for Part Two where I impart my wisdoms for the males and females species.

11 thoughts on “Pt 1 : How I survived four World Cups with my man and still remain married

  1. It’s just another excuse for Men to take time off from their wifes and bet their life savings at the ball.

    England to win 7:1 at William Hill
    Illegal Syndicate – 137:1 odds

    Illegal Bookies Favorites for this year

    South Korea

    Long Shots: 3:2 odds
    ENGLAND (No Rooney!)

  2. You still remain married ‘cos of your marriage vows “…till death do us part.” 😉

  3. What God Has Bound, Let no Man Put Assunder… I wonder if God realised that 22 Man might just be able to do that though..hahahahahha

    As STP said..he still dnt understand why 22 guys chases after one ball for 90 minutes and only aim is to hit it into a net…hahaha…we humans can come up with some of the weirdest game.

    Anyway..aunty…you should be one of the game show hostess…just as the article was getting interesting and you were supposed to announce the winner..or in this case the tell your readers that it will be continued later…aiyo..potong steam..just when I was waiting to hear your pearls of wisdom on this matter…’t wait for the next installment..hahaha

  4. good post! very useful, in exactly 15 more days…muahahaha!

    p.s. how different is football compared to basketball (10 men chasing after the ball) or netball (10 women chasing after the ball)?

  5. who watches netball? Usually its the guys…and I don’t think they are watching it for the scores…if you get my drift…hahahaha

  6. Dun remeber wat i did, did i even watch any of the finals? perhaps, maybe was too drunk to remember or i was kidnap by aliens when the finals was on. Figures, hafta remember this year’s, maybe take a few photos of me watching the game to remind myself. Cheers!

  7. World Cup is the only football match I watched..but was so disappointed when England and Germany lost to Brazil in 2002. Remembered watching it with coursemates and I lost nearly 6 cups of yogurts to them! but stil prefer rugby! Bigger macho men running around and knocking each other down!! hahaha…!

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