Pt 2 – Surviving the World Cup 2006

So, conclusion is – Wives, girlfriends ought to temporarily divorce the spouse/hope to be spouse for that one single month every four years. After all, it is much healthier to let him watch 22 men chasing after a piece of leather than to make him all repressed and antagonised and he may in turn chase a piece of 22 yrs old in leather, right? Right?

After all, calculate and see? How many World Cups will you endure as lifetime partners? 10 or 15 at most. So, don’t go get your panties in a wad. If you really must get even, just go out and zap his credit card dry on the next sales.

*zappppp*RM2,500 in SKII for ignoring me the whole month in 1990

*zappppp*RM900 for a pair of Oakley sunglasses for not paying attention to me, me, me in 1994

*zapppp*RM170,000 for a new car for getting angry at me because my butt accidentally blocked his view during that golden moment in 1998. (I make these up, ok?)

*zapppp*RM20,000 for a platinum and solitaire diamond ring for calling me annoying because I had asked the umpteenth time, “Who is playing against who again?” in 2002

*zapppp*RM400,000 for a new apartment for going off sex for a whole month of 2006

You get the gist.

Moral of the story : Leave your man alone. It is a no-win situation. And guys, ditched that girl of yours if she can’t accept your obssession with the World Cup. You don’t want hell every four years, do you? (of course, there is the Thomas Cup, Wimbledon, UEFA, Liga Malaysia, Sukma…. ahaks, I am a very tortured soul hor?)

BTW, after my Part 1, I got a big question : AREN’T ALL MALES SUPPOSED TO LIKE FOOTBALL? DOES NOT LIKING FOOTBALL MAKES A MAN LESS MAN? Hmm….I don’t know, you tell me?

Having said all these, it is ok to gila bola but not okay to gamble away all your possession betting and borrowing from loan sharks. I simply detest those who can’t even pronounce lonado and differentiate USA from South America to get into the fever just to make money. That’s not sportsmanship, man. That’s destructive behaviour, man.

15 thoughts on “Pt 2 – Surviving the World Cup 2006

  1. hahaha…football rox…and yeah…it is wise to leave your spouse alone during THE FEVER…

  2. How To ‘Chow See'(flirt) Tactic No: 9

    During World Cup period tell Lopor would rather watch live matches with own buddy at Mamak or Pub.Tell her more exiciting than alone at home watch the match. Per game last about 2 hours so if some days matches have back to back, meaning have 4 hours to ‘Chow See’. At hotel rooms make sure on the TV and know who win and who scores, sometime Lopor back home might give surprise checking, so when question can answer.

  3. I’m happy as long as he’s happy.
    Even if he rather watches the matches with his pals, I can watch them alone or with my girl-friends & drools over some of the hunky footballers. :p

  4. all desperate and frustrated housewives who are being ignored by their hubbies can call me. I don’t watch football.


    Hubby is not really a footie fan….but that does not make him less men. World Cup come and go, not a threat to me…but the PlayStation is*sigh*. Anyway, we will be watching some games!

  6. Because it is biggest carnival/gambling in the world. I’m not into football either.

  7. I don’t like football…or any other kind of games for that matter! I’m into music…or singing particularly, so I watch shows like American Idol and channels like MTV. Guess that’s why at my age, I’m SO up-to-date…unlike somebody down under! Some ladies like football (for the game, not the men!) and some don’t like cooking, sewing….! To each his/her own lah! In this modern day & age, no need for any sexist inhibitions!

  8. hahaha the thing is, I’m the one going after the 22 guys and my hubby is the one staring at the computer. I think I’ll have a more orgasmic month than him every 4 yrs!! lol

    Ah Pek – Dun push it wor…. you’ve not fully recovered yet!

  9. Yes, there are guy things that can get in the way of the relationship or causes problems in the family, however, as for myself, I watch the matches with my gf but I dun gilagila until need to take fake mc or leave for the matches, afterall, not only your relationship is at stake but also your job. I’ll be a little gila on the finals IF it is worth watching in the middle of the night and I dun drink, smoke or gamble, which one might do when watching such sports. Cheers!

  10. 9393 : Switch on football in hotel room? Potong stim ler. Subscribe to the results via SMS, gautim!

    Lesson for the day : Cancel supplementary credit card(s) during football season!

  11. Well, to each his own… it doesn’t make a man less a man if they don’t like football and it doesn’t make them a man if they watch football.

    Some man might be inclined to watch football if they are inclined towards their own kind 😛 as I’m sure some ladies are watching football for that same reason 😛

    It is one’s passion and being humans we all have our likes and dislikes and I guess, we just have to bear with it. Can’t please everybody all the time rite…..

  12. Lucky me that most men that I know don’t like football. Other sports yes, but they are not that fanatic. I found this much sexier LOL… It really turns me off if my other half is addicted to these stuffs especially football. ;p

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