Bcos I am still wearing the blardy spectacles…

  • I can’t read properly
  • I have to take off my spectacles because I can’t see the lyrics scrawled on the music sheets
  • because I took off my spectacles to read the lyrics, I can’t see the choirmaster’s signal
  • because I can’t see his signal, I sang at the wrong cue
  • I feel like an old grandma in the skatepark where I normally read because I need to wear and put on my spectacles on and off
  • I can’t see where my toddler had ran to without my spectacles
  • I can’t see the tiny words in my book if I wear my spectacles
  • I can’t eat a decent meal because the steam from the food steam-ed up my spectacles
  • I can’t see the approaching cars because the condensation farked fogged up my spectacles (when I get down from the car, not while driving lah)
  • I can’t see the tiny prints of instructions on the foodstuffs I bought (hey, I like to read food, shampoo, lotions etc etc labels, ok?)
  • I can’t take good macro shots because my LCD is only 1.5″ and looking into the viewfinder cause distortions
  • because of that, I don’t have that many photos to blog
  • which means I got less things to post
  • which means less Adsense

Can you see the freaking FIVE layers thickness?  Diu lor, this is my super-expensive, Essillor, super thin, super light lense and yet still can see the layers.  Imagine if I just make a regular glass lenses?  All the nerds in the world sure fall in love with nerdy me.

  • I can’t put on my mono-vision contact lenses (one eye see far, one eye see near)
  • because I was too lazy to go back for a consultation LAST WEDNESDAY
  • I did not go back for a consultation (to see if it is ok for me to wear contact lense) because my eye doctor is not so handsome and doesn’t have deep voice
  • I also do not look forward to see him because he wears a diamond ring
  • heck, I am just making excuses for my own laziness
  • and if you do not see me lurking around your blogs, it is not because I am wearing my spectacles
  • it is because I am busy developing my grief support and critically ill children’s website (which I turned into WordPress for easier management and updating)
  • because you don’t see me visiting, it doesn’t mean I am not interested to read your blog anymore but I am just plained tied up.
  • if you have read every single line thus far, muaksss…I lap u! You are my favourite readers and for that, I found blogging worthwhile!

17 thoughts on “Bcos I am still wearing the blardy spectacles…

  1. Can’t take shower in one
    Need to wipe them after the rain
    Can’t fool around wearing them
    Fog up after car aircon, teruk

    Need lenses, Cheers!

  2. Hooray! Lilian luvs me ‘cos I have just read every single line thus far… 😀

  3. I lafu yew too!!! eh do u think we are related ar? got ppl asked me whether we are related anot leh! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  4. Whooo…long list of reasons 😛

    Thank God you didn’t say that because you are wearing it u can’t have sweet passionate S*X with your ATM because you can’t see him hahahahahahahahah…oh God..I’m goign to get phiak big time by aunty this time hahahahaha

  5. I lap you too! And if you want me to lap you more, bring in summore kitchen towels! 😛

    Anyways Lilian, think you should get an all-in-one glasses, perfect for indoors and outdoors use? Sounds so troublesome now. 😐

  6. Lilian, mata saya pun macam it jugak!!! Aiyoh, all this sign of aging 🙁 🙁 What to do. Have to wear the cermin mata orang tua already.

  7. wuahahaha…imagine if frameless…can use it as magnifying glass to kill ants…mine’s almost as thick too

  8. This is your favorite reader. Do you know where you kissed me? Better put on the spectacles before next time. kekekeke

    I have the contac lenses like you. One close. One far. Both eyes confused.

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