Did I ever tell ya that I hate, hate, hate people coming to my house without notice?

What is IBS?

Irritable bowel syndrome is understood as a multi-faceted disorder. In people with IBS, symptoms result from what appears to be a disturbance in the interaction between the gut or intestines, the brain, and the autonomic nervous system that alters regulation of bowel motility (motor function) or sensory function. (ascherly hor, it means in-laws la, thanks to Samm for the term)

Pillow notes : Sorry folks, I have not been responding to the comments these few days ‘cos I find it tough to sincerely reply each one. Usually, I reply each one like I am smiling and talking to you but I just am not in the mood. I hate being fakey and πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ to each and every one of them. I know it takes effort on our part to drop comments, so I really appreciate them ya! I am on a one-way mind blabbering these few days.

IBS # 1 : Drops in early morning when I was snoring away. Her daughter comes to my house twice weekly doing house-cleaning so she comes to meet up. But still, I feel bad that my butt is in the air WHENEVER she peeks in.

IBS #2 : Never come ‘cos hey, I am a Christian! (ok, that’s another issue)

IBS #3 : Comes with no warning. Her favourite question : Hey, didn’t M (my part-time housekeeper) come yet? Her meaning : Your home is so messy, it is like a pig-sty.

IBS #4 : Also comes with no warning. Just did yesterday. Tiu, I wanted to leave her at the door, locked of course, while I find the Income Tax form. (her lou kong mya tax evasion form lah) But tiu, my darling atm wanted to talk to his sister on our house phone, duh, and I gotta let the spy in. Same question : Horr….M did not come today si boh? The way it was said is like she comforts me over a dead parrot or something.
Blardy hell. Want to say my house messy, mah say “Wuah…your house so messy lor.” No need to beat around the bush wan. I very rebellious wan, people keep neat house, I like mine messy, cannot meh? After all, you try living with four kids and see how long your house can stay neat? KNNMCB.

At least my own sisters won’t do that ‘cos hey, they are my elder sisters so if I am messy, it means they never teach me how to clean house properly when I was small lor. Correct anot?

Duh! I always freaked out whenever the door bell rings and some sweet, big bad wolf voice calling my toddler’s name. Yikes, no bra, no comb hair, no sweep floor yet, how to let them in? *must make mental note to bring back those ‘Please do not disturb‘ sign and hang at my front door* Plus hang a big-big cross at the door.

Now you know, don’t ring my bell!

15 thoughts on “Did I ever tell ya that I hate, hate, hate people coming to my house without notice?

  1. 1. Get security camera

    2. If IBS. Switch on the electric fence. MUHAHAHA.. Like they used to say– Everything kau tiam πŸ™‚

  2. I don’t like that either. And people that come to my house without letting me now can rot at the door for all I care. Damn got a mobile phone. You can call and let me know. Give at least a heads up. I still may say go awy because I have my schedule to live by. Not some rude stranger that thinks they can visit as they choose.

  3. I never answer the door if I am not expecting anyone. They can knock all the want. My husband is the one who taught me that. He said this is the American way of life. Must make appointment or call first if not tak layan.

  4. yes, i agree wif gertrude..next time bell ring just quiet quiet like a mouse & they’ll go away. don’t know lah but in small towns like sibu also ppl just show up whenever which is how life is.

  5. I don’t like unexpected visitors as well and because I don’t, I don’t drop by to see anyone unexpectedly too. So no worries, I won’t come by unexpectedly when I come back to Penang. Hahaha.

  6. Unexpected Visitors..earghh..I got a lot of those….but its not as bad as the one’s that’s expected and they come at 3:30pm for tea and sit and sit and sit till they grow roots and I have to water them…and hope to be invited for dinner…pest pest pest those people…

    Usually with unexpected visitors and I’m alone at home..I just ignore the bell ringing, go to my room and sleep..heck..even visitors who are expected and I dnt like their company I ignore them and go straight to my room and lepak there with a good book or surf the net or sleep hahaha

    I am sure KNB knows who i am talking about hahaha

  7. I really leave them at the door, yelling and making a noise with the padlock. They are not coming to see me what. My in-laws are in the front room, if they are not opening the door, i’m not going to either. Or sometimes, when they can see me, i take my own sweet time finishing up whatever i’m doing, then, slowly waddle up to the front door. Far mah, i’m pregnant woh, kenot meh.

    IBS#1 has the hs key, scarry…. she pops by to scare you whenever she like. Diu factor onot.

  8. You mean ur niece is ur house cleaner? u mah have to pay more compared to other cleaners coz she’s ka-ki-lang?

  9. soo2 – Ya but she is real nice and helpful and I don’t have to worry about my valuables nor dirty panties. Hahaha.

    wingz – zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    samm – I damn chicken shit, dare not even show face, only dare to rant here only.

    QV – Actually, they used to be worse, they stayed until way past my kids bedtime, watching my TV, eating my food and I had to stay up to wait they finish their shows.

    MG – Yeah, email me ONE MONTH in advance, ok? LOL

    wuching & getrude – The problem is my apartment so small so cannot go run and hide ‘cos by the time they reached the front door, they probably had heard us talking.

    SA – Hahaha, this is part of the Western lifestyle I like. When my mom-in-law was around, it was even more horrific. She would pack a bag for one week and help herself into the house. And if I don’t prepare dinner after work (I was working then) I would get an earful about how unhealthy it is to eat outside food.

    Romantic – Hahaha, I like you already! Electric fence.

  10. “She would pack a bag for one week and help herself into the house. And if I donÒ€ℒt prepare dinner after work (I was working then) I would get an earful about how unhealthy it is to eat outside food”


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