So, the purple dinosaur with white hairs win, eh?

I was very mad with those pings on PPS who put the result of the American Idol result as their title. But since it wasn’t the other girl who wins, ok lah, cincai lah.

Well, it better be the guy with the bad taste in fashion than the girl trying to act cute with her little girl behaviours of cringing her face, pulling in her head into her shoulders, all edgy and stomping feet. Puke, I can’t stand her and am glad the whole American Idiot Idol is over. Now, I don’t have to fight with my kids every Wednesday and Thursday because the time clashed with their time at the park.

I can safely go to the park today at 5 pm and return to watch the re-run at 8 pm. No more kancheong-ness factor.
However, the guy makes me almost faint yesterday with the velvet purple jacket. OMG, until now, I still can’t get Barney being smack with a packet flour on his head out of my mind. I hope he won’t be torturing us on the airwaves and on MTV any time soon. I think he is rather smart to choose a song with Jesus in the lyrics. He won a huge chunk of votes from there. Plus, his serenade of the debut single is rather arm-luen-ess inspite of his early purple dinosaur shocker. (arm-luen-ness : feelings that give you a crush, blush and rush of feelings?).

As for the other loser, well, it was her mistake to repeat two songs that she sang so recently. I probably watched too much p0rn (heh, as if I got do) because the image of her with the two black drummers just remind me of those kind of scenes. Woohoo! Am I glad she did not win. We can have so much of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood and more of her, there is no more originality.
Ok, time to watch Akademi Fantasia Sampat!

16 thoughts on “So, the purple dinosaur with white hairs win, eh?

  1. I was kinda suprised to see Katharine singing that rainbow again, she should not have trust Simon on this.. it sux the first time she sang it, and it SUX the 2nd time.

    So the Soulman won.. interesting to see how his album will perform later.

  2. HEHEHE..yes Barney…and STP keeps on saying that he looks like guess should buy him a purple jacket also and we can all call STP Barney hahahaha

  3. QV – oh really? Which part of STP looks like Taylor? The hair? LOL. Yikes, I just lost one reader!

    Jee – I think Simon plays a lot of games with his comments. When he told Taylor he is going to win, I think he is trying to get less people to vote for him cos people may take for granted and vote for the other participant. It happened to Chris, and I still can’t get over it.

    frostier – Yeah, better Taylor than Kathaleen.

  4. hehehehehehehe….the general facial expression of taylor..and u might have to add taylor a few hundred pounds 😛 STP more closely resembles Jay Leno if you ask me.. haha

  5. the 2nd song of both katherine and taylor are repeated song from the semifinal. and actually, i think katherine’s “somewhere over the rainbow” sucks more previously. but still, i never liked her, should have been out of the show few weeks earlier.

    and, i actually do enjoy watching taylor performs. i like taylor, chris and elliot. happy that katherine did not win. chris rocks!

  6. Lotsa pplz thinks that the girly could win cuz she got those glamour looks and selling herself like no tomorrow BUT I think like you said, better for the purple dino to win this time than an airhead lor. Anyhoo, see if he has got the minerials to make it big time, now he have beaten the villalge and take the crown. Cheers!

  7. I am sOOOooooOo gonna celebrate Taylor’s victory! Hehe! 😀

    Katharine did not chose “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” by the way, it was the judges choice and so was Taylor’s “Levon”. 🙂 However the first songs they sang were their choice.

  8. I predict that Taylor is juz gonna be another Reuben…won the contest but din do so well commercially when the whole hoobahjanggah of the idol died…and I’m still disappointed that elliot got voted out!!

    p/s>auntie, tis nice to see my comments not going into the viagra bin animore, LOL!

  9. Lilian, can you teach me how to read the comments in big- big letters. The font, Caps, is 2mm high no joke, what more low caps. But then again I probably won’t be able to read your reply either… 🙁

  10. Me not qualified to comment. Din watch American Idiot at all this season………. Gordon’s pwnd the tv.

  11. samm – Wuah…what Gordon watches? AI re-runs like 4 times wor.

    fire80 – Heh, go near-near with biji mata terbeliak cos I oso dunno why the font sometimes kecik sometimes besak.

    fishtail – LOL, this is the first time I watch AI. So really I dunno. But Taylor is like Kenny Rogers kinda singer.

    sooi2 – Got somemore but not on this blog, in the food one. Wei, have you been leaving spam comments until kena black mark anot? LOL.

    skyjuice – Yeah, me too. The whole family suddenly seems to lovey-dovey for my liking. Her mom seems very patronising.

    Celestine – Oh, is it? I missed that part. But anyway, it was a nice final cos we get to see all the finalists.

    JoeC – There is a Malay word to describe Kat. Tergedit-gedit. Hahaha.

    tjy – Well, it was quite a good final cos I don’t feel bad that Kat lost. If it had been Elliot/Chris against Taylor, then, I probably will feel lousy.

    QV – Now, I almost got the picture. Jay Leno. That’s a good resemblance of Taylor.

  12. auntie,where got time to spam wor after drooling all over ur old posts in food blog? LOL

    But i noticed yesterday that my first comment appeared and the second comment for the next post went into moderation (in this blog)..i’m dropping the ‘2’ from my nick and see if it’s any help.

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