Does which ‘God’ really matters?

I had bookmarked this page for sometime but never got around to read through it because it is hard to stomach. I don’t know how I stumbled upon it also. It is a long account, written by a Caucasian tourist, Sasha Pagella who was in Penang when the tsunami hit on Dec. 26th 2004. I had been to the beaches a few times. Each time I was there, I cannot help but say a little prayer for the little Malay girl who was found face down, in the sand. Some of the below photos are from the beach hit by the tsunami.

I remember another wave crashing into us and then my next memory is of being on the other side of the wall with some Malay youths begging me to swim after a lady who was being sucked round some rocks out in the bay. I could see her waving & screaming for help but was sure if I’d jumped in I wouldn’t be able to reach her and would have probably been killed.

For some reason many of the Malay people on the beach seemed to think that Bruce & I could do anything from swimming to resuscitating the dead & that we could save them if we really wanted. As I felt guilty about abandoning the lady that had been swept out I agreed to swim out to retrieve the body of a woman floating not too far from the shoreline.

One of the memories that haunts me is of a small Malay man asking me in an incredibly soft voice if I’d seen his little girl, only 9 & wearing a blue costume. He just kept asking me over & over. All I could think to do was hold him and tell him to check the hospitals in case someone had pulled her to safety. The next day the local paper reported recovering a 9 yr old girl at the next beach. There was a photo of her being carried by a policeman & she was wearing a blue costume. I also keep seeing the little girl that slipped through my grasp, she looked so scared and was looking up at me as she fell.

That row of houses seen far away? These are the temporary houses built by the State Government for the survivors of the tsunami.

There are remnants like these broken boats buried in muds in that area. My children’s godfather who works with the Penang Office for Human Development (under the Catholic church) helps to co-ordinate the project to get some of the fishermen to return to their lively hoods.

Can we all remember how every individual, organisation and faith groups got together to help the tsunami victims from all over Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia? When a major tragedy like that happens, we do not think of which God we belongs to. We just go out and help. But why when everyone is so free, they would start arguing about whose God is right and wrong?

To those people who spent their brain cells trying to dissect the Holy Book (be it Quran, To’rah, Bible or the Buddhist teachings etc) and tear whatever good things apart to prove each other wrong, I wish you guys would eventually land yourself in situations like these. I want to see how God transforms you. Well, I am not cursing but it is a fact that misfortunes do fall on us, so let it be those clowns instead of the innocents.
I had been there in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit where every parent’s child is dying. We comfort each other with whatever faith we have. We don’t discern. We do not find faults. We do not argue if our child is going to die and go to Heaven like Jesus promised or waiting for the Muslim parent in the dunia akhirat with a glass of water in the desert or heading to Nirvana like Lord Buddha or as Hindus, believe in being re-born.

So, I think it is very moronic that these wise guys/gals who are endowed with so much wisdoms throw mud at each other like little kids God gave you a brain and instead you chosed to make a fool of God (be it Yahweh, Allah, God, Jesus, Lord Shiva, Buddha or whatever you name Him). I do not know if it is your age that makes you so idiotic or whether it is because God choose to blind those He wants and opens the eyes of those He picked. The way I see it, some of us are still like the Pharaohs in Egypt. Some are here for that same purpose. (Sorry lah, you gotta read the Bible to know what I mean.)

Oh ya, there are clowns who actually got the nerve to write something like, “Christians who do not speak up are not being faithful to Christ” or something like that. Yalah, just because you went all out with your Bible quotes as salvos, you are Godsend. Well, kiddoes, Jesus said never fight fire with fire. Jesus said if your enemies bring you to court, settle it first when you are on your way to the court. Jesus also said, love your enemies. And I do love….M…. ahh…never mind. He is very amusing, indeed.

Got one more thing. These two clowns, B & B, admits Iraq errors. Yeah, right, they had caused immensed hardships and now, try to act like a big man to save their faces.
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3 thoughts on “Does which ‘God’ really matters?

  1. whilst typing this, I am silenly saying prayers..(in my own way la) My hairs are really standing on ends now.. This is one entry that really gives me goosebumps.. well done!

  2. Read Sasha’s entry. You were right. I couldn’t finish it. A prayer for them. My bf used to tease me that Penang will sink one day. Hate him. But after 261204, suddenly just feel that our Penang is so vulnerable.

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