WTF? Installing Google toolbar and Firefox over & over again?

Gents, nerds, geeks and all.

Can someone farking tell me why do I get the same message ‘Instal Google Toolbar with Firefox’ over and over again when I have been using the blardy thing for years? Is it a bug somewhere?

I can’t do a thing to it except to select instal because I can’t get rid of the blardy installation pop-up.

Is it because I have a bug somewhere in my PC or some lame asses, poor souls have programmed their sites to force me to instal the Firefox browser so that they get some referral fees? What? Please tell me. I am going crazy having to block and unblock javascripts ech time I instal, re-set my homepage and enter my adsense notifier. Grrr…..I hate this.

11 thoughts on “WTF? Installing Google toolbar and Firefox over & over again?

  1. sorry i’m none of the above- gents, nerd, geeks and all. so i can’t help you.
    Some of you out there please help this poor lady! She is ‘grrrrring’, so must be real serious.

  2. *swoons* My knight is here. BTW, psst…I download one Firefox on my laptop yesterday from Mr. Handyman. U got get kamsen ah? USD1, I think?

  3. Neo – I oso dunno cos I open several sites at one go. If I know, I early-early report to Google kasi kena ban!

    foodcrazee – NVM, you can learn

    LcF – No wor, use Firefox.

    wuching – Wuah….so loyal reader. *pins star on wuching’s breast pocket*

    ahpek – seposen? Really? I got USD1 for PICASA, once only.

    azrin – awww…waste my time pasting the code lah, buat menyemak aje. BTW, your mails .bbs punya bounce la. I replied but it bounced back.

  4. Lilian- sorry ooo…my ISP is moving to Boston instead, so alot of messy email deliveries.

    Well, complain to adsense also no use, cos they don’t act till time to pay waste of my time for Adsense. CJ pay me better results a mth (about £300+) thanks to the great ads campaigns.

    Sapa mau join?? heh heh

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