Don’t miss me, hor?

Boys & girls, bebudak, kengkawan, hengtais & cheemuis sekalian, I won’t be blogging for several days.
So don’t miss me hor? The above pic is my destination. And also to boring, depressing KL lah.

Please visit my Flickr album and see those pwetty-pwetty orchids…..Not bunga lah, donggoi! Oked…. Psst….when you stare at the oked too long, I don’t know what you call that middle part of the flower?, do you see it similar to a female genitalia?

See? That’s why I need to stop blogging and go off to cool the head a bit at Cameron Highlands. Ta ta! Till next week, or earlier, play good and don’t fight, ok? Muakksss….


  • Charlotte- wrote to me and said she get error code 403 on my personal blog. So, I deleted the theme and uses the theme I downloaded from my foodblog and upload to my personal site. Hope Martin C can access now. Thanks for the very encouraging words!
  • Pauline – a choir member read my blog but only discovered 5xmom is the sweet, quiet Lilian in the soprano pool. Phewww…at least she didn’t say, hey, the moment I read the blog, I know it is you.
  • Badboyben – A guy who skates with my kids said he found my blog. Another pheww…lucky, it is just my food blog. Please check out the lan and hai at his website (cum blog). I know AhPek, Wingz, Wuching and all the humsup guys sure fast-fast wanna see what lan and hai are good for eating.
  • Finally, stupid IE is playing well with my blog, again. No more one column lari ke bawah anymore.

13 thoughts on “Don’t miss me, hor?

  1. Hey, how many days are u staying in cameron?? I know it’s boring at night so, take it easy. šŸ˜›

    Enjoy your holidays and pls pls pls must try out those strawberrry ice potong at the strawberry farm! (below Equatorial) It’s to die for!! *drooling*

  2. NooooooOOOOOOOOoooOOOOOOOooooooOOOOOOoooooooooo……………!

    *sob! wail! bawl!*

    Are u staying in the spanking new Cameron H/land Resorts by YTL? waiting to see ur photos!

  3. enjoy yr hols. dun forget to go sg palas boh plantation for the cool cool new tea centre for some delish scones and teas.

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