Me wanna ahpek sayok

I saw this obsencely expensive, spanking new, obscenely classy, vulgarly lansi hotel in Cameron Highlands on the net.  I am not even going to provide the link.  *pbbbtttbbbttttt, saliva spraying everywhere*

MCB, it costs RM2,000++ for a night stay.  RM2,000++! (RM2,300 nett PER NIGHT)
So, just for fun, I email my dear and said, “I WANNA STAY HERE, IN THE JIM THOMPSON SUITE”

Camerons Suite and Jim Thompson Suite (2)
The two signature suites has 2 bedrooms each and shares a common lounge that is complete with comfortable settes and luxurious bathrooms.

I got a reply, that says….”Can……see tomolo got any ahpek sayok, can la.”

So, I thought he typed syok wrongly.  But no, my dear said if I can find any old millionaire vegetable farmer (sayor = sayok) who wants me, I can ask Mr. Farmer to take me there.  (but the ahpek must be so old, no Tongkat Ali can help him, kinda old)
I hope I find my dream ahpek sayok 1,628 m (more than 5,000 feet) above sea levels, amongst the misty hills and I shan’t be coming back to blog anymore.  I will be staying at the Jim Thompson suite (who the heck is Jim?) permanently.

13 thoughts on “Me wanna ahpek sayok

  1. Jim Thompson founded the Thai Silk Co. I read about him a few years back in magazines. He disappeared in Cameron Highlands while on hols many years ago and was never found. I suppose the suite was named to honour him. Read more about him here:

  2. I know which one liao. I’m planning for vacation, so I’ve been searching around. This one comes with spa right?

    If you’re serious hor (or just for fun) call up the hotel and ask if there is any special rates for Malaysian. I think they do but I cannot confirm.

    *Fanning Lilian to go so I can see pics of the place…*

  3. Lilian, kalau you dapat itu ah pek sayoq, wah… jadi vegetarian seumur hidup pun tak pa, hehe. A free lifetime supply weh! Happy hols.

  4. but the CH resorts now having promo wohhhhh….RM699++ 3d/2n per pax, quite worth it for YTL’s amazing standard. juz go with atm lor, kids send to babysitter/relatives,LOL!

  5. My wife bough some jim thomson hand bag when we were in Thailand. Now she’s a big fan. They have other stuff too like curtains, cushon covers, shirts etc.

    There’s some factory outlet in Bangkok, if you drop by you can get some really good bargain.

  6. When you meet Jim Thompson hor, can ask 4D for me ar? You know the drill lar, peeling apple in the middle of the night in front of a mirror…

    Should I start calling you Ah Soh Sayok?

    *run away*

  7. waaah tq lilian now can see the font… can even read while sitting in the toilet. thanks to wireless keyboard and mouse hahaha.. I must measure the fonts later..

  8. hahaha in fact the newsletter from this boutique hotel dat got me to CH. they sent me the announcement a day b4 opening :p had wanted to stay there but after totaling up, it wud cost us RM1.6K – 2 adults + 1 kid for a 3d/2n stay but all meals pau kar liau

    anyway when i was there the Tengku Mahkota’s entourage was there!! no wonder stewpit YTL HOtels din call us back to confirm booking. blessing in disguise lorrr cos for dat price i could fly to bali!

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