Up in the clouds

Yesterday morning…7.30 am, somewhere along the coastal road on my island. Can you see the bridge on the right side?

Yesterday : 11 am – Scones up on the mountains, in the mist.

This morning – Woo….6,666 feet above sea level
This afternoon – Mont Kiara spanking new, yet-to-open extreme sports venue.

Tomorrow- Me going home. Yay!!!!! Blek, KL rains cats and dogs and the lightning is damn scary man.

Check out my photos at Flickr. Me blogging from my hotel room somewhere in the golden triangle in KL. The WAN is painfully slow.

14 thoughts on “Up in the clouds

  1. Hey! Now I know what that place is. I was wondering why there was a new stadium around the KLGCC area when I took the shortcut on Sunday.

  2. Wah, so fast u fly down leh..any big temperature difference up there and down here? Am checking on whether our new water heater will work in Cameron or not lah..

  3. Lil, I saw a programme on TV about a cafe in Cameron Highland that is famous for its scones. But I didn’t get the name. Did you had them there? If yes, may I know where is it?

  4. I know that “jeti”! I’ve been there to take pictures last year šŸ™‚ 7.30am shot is definitely more beautiful than 5.30pm.

    The scones look really delicious. Must try when I have the chance to be in Cameron Highlands. I saw the programme too (Jalan-jalan Cari Makan?) which introduced the cafe but I don’t know where.

  5. foodcrazee – if you take the turning after Selangor Club on the overhead bridge (coming from Hartamas), this is on the left hand side of the road. I think it’s right in front of the new Sime Darby Convention Centre.

  6. the scones looked like from T-cafe but I personally dun find it great. i hvnt even finish posting up my CH series hahaha. the new boh tea centre looked fantastic hor?

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