How often do you hit the pillow and fall asleep?

Imagine having the luxury of putting the head on the pillow and snooze off to dreamland. I don’t know about others but being able to do that is a luxury to me. I don’t know if I have insomnia but if I go to bed, my mind will roam far and wide. I will think of solutions to overcome world hunger, uniting the world, conquer earth or inane stuffs like to make eggs stand (which is possible), how to increase blog traffics, how to read php and yadda yadda yadda.

If I count sheep, I will get claustrophobia because thousands of sheeps will be in bed with me after jumping over the fence. Or hearty lamb shanks will tempt me.

So, I really enjoy it when my days are fillied with so much activities, I practically drop dead the moment I hit the sack. Forget about sex. Forget about bedtime stories. I only hear my toddler asking questions in some faraway land while I float and float further and further away.

Those have been the way I spent the last week since school closed for the mid year holidays. So nice to do things that drain away every ounce of my energy.

If only I get to sleep like this every day. Plonk, zzzzzzz….cock crows, wake up.  Nice!

Have a fun weekend to all!  And Pentecost is tomorrow,ok?

8 thoughts on “How often do you hit the pillow and fall asleep?

  1. looks like it’s usually ladies who have this problem. Thinking too much.

    Me ? I’m one of the lucky ones. Moment my head in on the “bantal” i’m in dreamland even after cups of espresso…..

  2. I have that problem sometimes and I think it’s because your body’s not tired enough, so I continue working/play games till I’m really sleepy =)

  3. Always. I fall asleep, as in REALLY ASLEEP in less than a minute.. I really should consider myself lucky to be able to sleep soo “instantly”.. 🙂

  4. I have the same exact problem. I find that men, the moment their head hits the pillow, the snoring crescendo starts. SO BLOODY HARD TO SLEEP! I normally end up in the living room sofa!

  5. I agreed with M.O.T.T men sleep really fast. Once my husband head hits the pillow and before you can even count to 10 he already snoring away 🙁 🙁 How to romance romance with him 🙂 🙂

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