During the World Cup match between England and Jamaica :

FP (football partner) – Green one is who?

Husband – Jamaica

FP – Oh, Jamaica

Husband – Yes, Jamaica

FP – Red one is who?

Husband – Red one is England.

FP – Oh, England

Husband – Yes, England…..*while eyes glued to TV, mumbling absent-mindedly* (Tips : Wives, it is a good time to take out an empty cheque and get the husband to sign because their brains are in the football field, so you can tell him, “Dear, I need RM30K to go to Switzerland for spa and they probably wouldn’t notice your absence and their lack of funds in the bank.)

FP – Black one is who?

Husband – Black one is the referee

FP – Jefree? *laughs out loud because he thought it is a joke. Jeffrey is FP’s eldest brother*

Husband – No…it is the RE-FE-REE He takes are of the ball and see where it goes. He runs after the ball but never kick it. He only blows whistle.
Few hours/minutes later……

Now, on SUKMA. (our local match) Yeah, Malaysia Boleh, suami pun boleh.

(referee wearing yellow suits)
FP – Yellow one is who?

Husband – Yellow one is the referee

FP – No lah, black one is the referee *gives a ‘I knew it already’ stare*

Husband to me – Like this kind of football partner, I don’t want already lah. Nah, you take back.
Husband to FP – This one different match already. This one SUKMA lah. Just now World Cup. Haiyor…this one they got black hairs, just now World Cup they got very black hairs and very white hairs, see the difference? *hugs and kiss three years old football partner*
Me laughing and rolling on the floor with glee.

Me – You two can become football parrtner for the whole month ok? I am sure your football partner will learn the names of all the countries in the world by then. And I get to play with my blog template with no interupptions.

*I have reverted back my previous blog template because the brownish one uses too much bandwith due to its nice .swf files (the one that changes colour when you mouseover?). It is a very nice template but unfortunately, I cannot afford to blow my bandwith limit to 200% every month.

And yeah, don’t bitch about my Google Adsense because you can opt to load the page without ads. I have also changed several other blog templates using HiTech’s template. So, basically, my personal site and two food blogs use this while the other uses HiTech’s template. I had tested these new template on Internet Explorer at 800 reso and it still works. BTW, I use 1,280 x800 reso and at 800 x 640, the blog looks like gigantic.  But people, please do download Firefox, don’t use IE anymore because I am not going to change anymore template even if my margins start to run or the blog won’t load on IE.*