Thiiiiinnnn ahhhhh….kau meng ahhhhh…..

Warning : Another IBS rant

You know what can make me to hide in the kitchen without coming out? Eventhough the kitchen is blardy hot on a burning day?

You know what can get all my kids to hide in the bedroom eventhough they usually hang around the living room?

Three, loud sisters-in-law and one grandkid of theirs who are lepaking at my house. Came without notice, as usual lah. Telling each other how much their kids are earning in UK, working as waitresses/waiters. Wuah…..British pounds wor. Huahhhhh….hou tai kin si wor. Every month send money back to Malaysia wor.
Thinnnn ahhh..kau meng ahhhh..

Thank my lucky stars I was in the kitchen with a bored 16 years old cooking the most delicious smelling curry chicken and baking the most sinfully rich chocolate moist cake. Which nyek….is not going to be cooked anytime soon, as long as 3 IBS are still hanging around.

Thinnnn ahhh..kau meng ahhhh..

I farking cannot stand people asking me questions when I am baking a cake and stir frying nose burning spices for curries simultaneously, ok? I have no time to entertain questions like , “Why you chop your chicken into so big pieces, why you have two boxes of santan, what beans you use (green gram), got put beans in chicken curry wan meh? won’t taste funny meh? yadda yadda yadda. I can tell you 100 times and I know you can never learn a thing from me. Dude, I am a Hainanese, Hainanese have this ‘swear over our blood’ not to share secrets with you Hakka ngin.

Thinnnn ahhh..kau meng ahhhh..where is my atm every time his cheh-cheh come by? (he went for bedminton lah) Suffers……
Thinnnn ahhh..kau meng ahhhh..

Thinnnn ahhh..kau meng ahhhh..

(loosely translate as God….save me)

16 thoughts on “Thiiiiinnnn ahhhhh….kau meng ahhhhh…..

  1. You didn’t tell them you earn USD$ sitting at home meh? :p

    Next time they come again, please ask on my behalf they still got this lobang to work in UK or not? I wanna go!

  2. Alamak, was left scratching my head until I read the last sentence. Was wondering why you were calling for thinner, paint thinner ah? šŸ˜›

  3. Wah… So proud their children were earning in ƂĀ£Ć‚Ā£Ć‚Ā£ har? Wah piang eh!They dunno that their kids are part of the ‘SWEAT SHOP’ community here.

    So sad. Reminds me of what my dad said to me years ago:” I send you to school not to grow up and drive a lorry in Europe or be a taxi driver in London.U don’t need a flipping degree to do that kind of job!”

    Heck, I still do once in a while *(before tie the knot) cos it’s fun and I can see places. So sad when our Malaysians are proud of their children being slaves in UK, economicly I mean.

    Bryan- U want lobang ah? Got: Professional Bookie is always available here.Need IT Skills to win big!
    haa Haa Haaa!
    (yeah.. i still go and play games at the fruit machines weekly (aka ‘amusement centers’) here locally.I’m happy if I can leave 20min later with the ƂĀ£10 I come in with [I am lousy at those arcade games OK!]

  4. HEHEHEHE…guess they were sitting there waiting for you to invite them to partake of what you are cooking or hoping that you will give them some to bring home….HAHAHAHA

    At least they are your in-laws… I have some irritating cousins who barges who huge butt into the house and basically does the same things and bring her brood of “children” with her hahahahhahaha but dream on if they are going to expect me to share with them anything that I’m cooking..all I do is just hang the same sign as Famous Amos…”the smell is free” hahahahahahahha

  5. Why you chop your chicken into so big pieces –
    “so i can use its ass to stuff ur CB mouth”

    why you have two boxes of santan –
    “for ur CB la”

    what beans you use
    “CB bean la”

    got put beans in chicken curry wan meh?
    “yes, it’s to drive CB like u away. unfortunately it’s not working”

    p/s>got the chicken curry recipe in malaysiabest ka?

  6. Yeh, remind me about it sommore everytime they come over with their whiny runabout kids, blehhhhh. But i want some chicken curry, plssssssssssssssssssssss………….. drooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllll………………….

  7. Belanja me your cake and sumptous curry and I come help with pest control!! LOL

    Hey, call ATM to comeback and entertain his jie-jie lar….

  8. waaahhhh….not bad laaaahhhhh…. i was wondering how the pics fitted the post but i finally got it towards the middle part of the post. damn it looks good! šŸ˜‰

    Cheers!!! šŸ˜€

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