Sex education from 5xmom on the different types of KKC (penises)

Heh, what do you think? Am I good or what? 5xmom will talk to boys and girls today about things your own mom and dad probably feel too embarassed to discuss with you.

Today….we will look at photos of the different types of kkcs. So, sit down and pay attention, ok?

This is a regular, healthy, normal one. A young one, I must say.

As you grow, the pink turns less pink. Still normal and still very healthy and normal. Good. Keep it that way.

Another healthy one, which probably belongs to a married man. Chinese, Asian, perhaps?

Well, if married men start to roam and prefer studs, china dolls and stuff….they will end up like the next photo.

Ewws…then, they have to frequent skin doctor for a cure. But there is none…

And the kkc will start to shrivel and eventually dies. Then, it is fit to be thrown to the dogs.
So, moral of the story. Keep your kkc to yourself. Don’t play-play.

(in case you find some of the pics blur, it was because I had been forming this post in my mind when I was taking the photos. So, feeling a bit guilty for taking an interest in anthuriums at an International Floral Fest, I quickly snap and run after each pic. No time to focus and stuffs, pai seh you know? People takes photos of beautiful orchids, I take photos of rotten flowers.)

So, which one is yours?

22 thoughts on “Sex education from 5xmom on the different types of KKC (penises)

  1. Auntie, with ur experience of having seen so many kkc (errm…5x + atm ??) in ur life, i wud say ur educational materials are trustworthy! LOL

  2. kakakaka aiyoh this is such a great interpretation :p well said lilian kakaka

  3. wuching – *blush blush* I don’t expect an answer la, wei.

    babe_kl – I hope you notice I am using politically correct terms (like married men, e.g) hahaha

    Jen – Don’t worry, there are many other types of flowers. BTW, do you know that one must use anthurium to offer to the gods? Once, a medium in trance as GuanYin specifically told me this when the lady wasn’t in trance. Hahaha.

    sooi – Wuah…cannot reveal my true experiences lah.

  4. Humsup….humsup…. we used to grow lots of anthuriums back in our old house. But now…. dunno where go ledi………

  5. Walau, this is funny!

    BTW, tried to search for that Any Hoay Hor place you recommended some time back but simply can’t find after gg round in circles for an hr!

  6. Ha ha ha ha ha! Good for a laugh! Guess u must be one of those who visualises IT in everything u see! Yalah! That wuching really! Why on earth is his “powDerful”??

  7. Next stop for your sex education shots.
    International vegetable fest
    International fruit fest
    International livestock fest

  8. moo_t – Good idea hor?

    Immom – Hehehe.

    STP – Maybe he means full of powder?

    DomesticRat – Later I draw a map and post on my blog hor?

    ahpek – Ewwss…full of diseases?

    Max – No thank you.

    samm – True mah….

    Eve – šŸ™‚

    Bryan – Heh, why 0_o

  9. Tiu – yakah? I never hear before. Show me where got pic?

    Bryan – Look what happened to Ah Pek, so you better be kwai-kwai dun go haadyai hor?

  10. HAHAHA!!! should have expected this from u but i didnt. lol šŸ˜› damn funny wei….rotten flowers instead of pretty ones indeed! šŸ˜›

  11. Wah… Map! That’s the best. Frankly I’m still very lost in Penang. All the slip roads.. wish for plain old familiar grid system.

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