So the world didn’t end on 6.6.6 eh?

Too bad….

Last night my kids were watching re-runs of Bruce Almighty. Then, it occured to me that some parties were against the show being screened here in Malaysia because they claimed it makes fun of God. How kids adored the parting of the red tomato soup ala Moses leading out the flocks from Egypt. Every time I serve red tomato soup, they will definitely try to part it.

Who can forget Bruce, the temp holding fort for ‘god’ granting every prayers, from lengthening the manhood to bigger busts? I love that show, can watch it over and over again.

Which brings us to Passion of Christ and how the show was banned initially and later approved for limited audiences only. And yet, The Da Vince Code sails through.

Talking about The Da Vinci Code, I noticed how many angsty teenagers are taking the opportunity to go all out to denounce the Jesus they knew by using the book. Reasons like, “the bible is fake, jesus got married, that man! etc etc’. How sad. I mean, if you wish to leave the faith, no one holds you back except your conscience. Why bring the Lord and thrashed Him in public? I wish I can have an inside look how you were brought up because I certainly do not want my own children to make fun of the Lord this way. Have you been pulled out of bed every single Sunday morning the day you were born, at the break of dawn to dress in starchy clothes and expected to follow the flocks without knowing Jesus?

Well, I just want some of you to know. If you know Jesus, don’t use the book and movie as an excuse to turn away. Jesus is a personal God to each of us, how we relate to Christ depends on how you, you alone, work on the relationship. No one can force you into any religion, not even your parents. We parents can merely nudge gently in the right direction and pray hard that our kids will turn out ok. We cannot bend them the way we want. In God, I trust. He is the potter, we are merely clays.
And yeah, I am a lousy parent when it comes to religious upbringing. How many lies have I told my fellow church members when I am being asked, “Where are your children?”. I cannot bear the look I received. The truth is they are in bed or out with their father or they gave excuses that school holidays mean no need to attend church. But I always am too embarassed to tell the truth so I said something like, “they have school camp, got something to do with their father, they were here yesterday”

But I always take comfort that they do pray when they need a parking lot or have a shop they wanted to go, open for them or pray to pass exam. And none of us are afraid of the ends of time. We wait for the glorious return of Jesus. And joked whether we have a cross or a 666 sealed on our forehead. You know, like cattles branded for the slaughter house?

Do you believe in the ends of time?

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  1. In case you were actually relating to me as the angsty teenager denouncing Jesus, make no mistake when I say that all I did was put up some questions for people to answer.

    The DaVinci Code was never why I opted out of Christianity, I don’t believe much of what Danny Brown has said, had even pointed out two discrepancies with the facts he used. In fact, I don’t think any true Christian would really care if Jesus had a daughter or not…

    As for the way I was raised, I’ll tell you now that presurring your kids to accept their family faith when they are too young to understand have consequences in later life. Using GOD too much in everyday conversation should not be done.

    That is how I was raised, everything was done for the sake of God, everything was believed for the sake of God, every reason was for God, every consequence was of God’s doing, every blessing must be of God’s doing and must be thanked. Not a pretty childhood to remember.

    Please don’t make them accept Christ when they’re 8 years old. Don’t baptise them at 12… not unless they fully understand it.

  2. simon – Hahaha, no need la. Just need garlic, silver cross or is it silver bullet only.

    Jon – Oh dear, did I hit the nail at the wrong place. I am terribly sorry! Wasn’t intended for you at all! But I do agree with you, in a way. My kids have until 16 years old to decide, ‘cos they are Catholics and will go through the Sacrement of Confirmation. Right now, I am teasing my son that he can still turn back. Anyway, they will go through a camp with all the 16 yrs old for some intense soul searching first with Martin Jalleh, a motivational speaker. Keep my fingers cross I won’t be there during confirmation with a kid that fled the church like the scene from those runaway bride. LOL.

    Adam – I bet people are going to dig the movie more than Da Vinci. I still remember the first show. oooh…scaryyyy. And Poltergeist and The Exorcist. Hmm…they don’t make movie like they used to. Now all those Korean/Japanese stuffs are pretty girlish stuffs hor?

    helen – LOL, you got me glued to the links. Now, I hampalang semua also think it is a conspiracy theory. But I think no need to brand-brand la hor? God not working in supermarket wan la hor? He knows how to pick the good ones from the bad ones la hor? Hahaha, nervous ler.

  3. end of time? don’t care lah! i’m just here coz u want me to interbiu u so here r my 5 questions to u;
    1) i know u always joke about running away wif some rich angmoh & live at the swiss alps but if the opportunity arises, would u really really leave ur atm & children to go wif the angmoh?

    2) u r a good cook, no doubt about it but do u have a preference of what type of food u like to eat be it chinese or italian, etc..

    3) u love children, everyone knows that but when the time comes for all ur children to leave home & u & atm can still have more babies..would u like to have another or two?

    4) if (touch wood) penang was to sink, where in malaysia would u like to live?

    5) lets say u make squat from ur adsense in ur blogs, would u still continue to write blogs even tho u will never see a cent in future?

  4. It’s not over yet, it’s still too early to happen. At least, according to scientific research.

  5. Yes there is an end of time. When God decides to end the Angelic Conflict after the Millenium of Christ’s rule. Then there is no longer any need for this Universe and it is promised this Earth will be destroyed. Then he will make the new Jerusalem for believers and the good angels to live in in all Eternity, while unbelievers as well as Satan and his bad angels are cast into the Lake of Fire.

    I became a Christian when I was in second grade. Guess I was 8 or 9. No one could make me Christian. It was an act of faith that I chose to make when I prayed to the Father for salvation. If you try and add anything to faith then it is no longer faith and you are not a believer. No man can help God. Faith on Christ dying for your sins is the only thing that works.

  6. Yes, I do believe in the end of times. A bit scared too, sometimes, though I know I should not be.

    Martin is an amazing speaker, had him for my Confirmation.

  7. To all that u have said, Lilian…I say, Amen! Refer the Parable of the Sower…there are all kinds of Christians, and those seeds that have fallen by the wayside…well, good riddance! Not much point keeping them anyway!

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