Is today tomorrow yet?

Because of this question that goes on and on and on, I have to go to McDonalds today and tomorrow. Today is not tomorrow yet because the next range of freebies from McDonalds is only coming out on Thursday. Cis, I thought it is Wednesday and got dragged by the kids to McDonalds.

Evil man, this Ronald McDonald. He must have casted a spell on all the children in the world. How the kids can eat McNuggets almost every day if they can get a new toy each day.

I have another date with Ronald McDonald tomorrow morning. Because my chubby cheek, dimpled toddler wanna an orange and blue car next. In case you all dunno, The Cars is a movie by Pixar. This red number is Lightning McQueen.

Cars Is the saga of Lightning McQueen, a hot-shot animated stock-car voiced by actor Owen Wilson. In route to a big race, the cocky McQueen gets waylaid in Radiator Springs, where he finds the true meaning of friendship and family.

Is it tomorrow yet? Is it tomorrow yet? Is it tomorrow yet?

*chew nails….*

18 thoughts on “Is today tomorrow yet?

  1. Ken – Only 4.1 MP. Actually, it is not so much the megapixels but the camera brand. Konica tend to get these sort of colours and Canon will have a more ‘soothing, brownish’ tones.

    Bryan – Like that? Wait they create the time machine.

  2. You didn’t get the free poster? Remember to ask for it. My kids can’t stop staring at the various cars on the poster. And yes, after a week, his car looks exactly like your toddler’s, paint all came off from chewing on it!

  3. Thank God my daughter grew out of all those things! Once, even had to pay one of my students double to get him to queue for one of those Hello Kitty dolls!! Wonder where it is now? Probably in the storeroom or given away to some Children’s Home. BTW, Lilian, your photos ARE nice!

  4. aiyo.. same here.. mummy this week dah makan happy meals 2X for lunch.. jus coz my son lost his cars last week during shopping.. this weekend definitely going to watch the movie.. also 2 cousins tagging along.. hmmm sure ‘lubang’ one my pocket…

  5. STP…..Pay? I believe it was more of an intimidating threat..I mean..if this really huge sarcastic english teacher comes to you and ask you to go and queue up in McDonalds so that he can give his daughter a Hello Kitty Dolls…wouldn’t you do it even though you would feel like an idiot and and a fool to do it? Of course you will…or else you will end up being shot down sarcastically in class hahahahahahahhaha…

    SO..parents beware of teachers with young kids….they might force your kid to go and queue for them instead for a stupid toy from the fast food franchise..hehehehehehehe

  6. remember ornot the time mcd came up with these teddy bear series. people q for the outlet to open until the glass dor smashed to pieces.

  7. awww… i can’t even begin to imagine how much u love this chubby cheek, dimpled toddler…bless u!

  8. Truekah, car got chewed until like dat or oliginal oso like dat? Thank Goodness, my Ryan can only crave for this but does not mind not getting them. He’ll nag me sometimes lah but I give in only once in a blue moon. Kiam siap mommy 😉

  9. Immom – No lah, the paint is like that wan, purposely look rusty. But this red car is quite good ‘cos it can really speed and the front can tilt up somemore.

    sotongking – Happy Meal how to fill up an adult stomach wei?

    sooi2 – Yeah, he is spoilt rotten liao by all of us.

    fire80 – Ya, those dah keterlaluan already. The Hello Kitty series lor.

    simon – No lah, original like that, errr…I think so la. Hahaha, now so many ppl ask me I oso dunno what is the original paint. But it has taken a lot of hard knocks.

    moo_t -Yeah, both the same.

  10. QV – Wah… STP very smart hor? Child abuse like that. Akehkekeh.

    gimbot – My kids sat thru the whole thing, very captivating. Nice scenery, both real or otherwise.

    STP – Ya, that Hello Kitty was a crazy wildfire. Especially in Kiasuland.

    MG- Only for the RMC kids la….But nvm, got online poster liao.

    wuching – Ang ku ku chak

    SA – That is a one hell of a good marketing. I marvel at their consistencies throughout the world. Hehe, I only can afford McD in every part of the world. Even in Paris (where they don’t sell chicken, duh).

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