World Cup 2006 results

After reading all the agonies by the football kakis, the pressures faced by the bookies, the death situations risked by the people who are too poor yet want to gamble their lives away, the sufferings wives like me, the extra hard work our police has to do to curb illegal betting and the millions or billions of dollars spent on promoting FIFA World Cup 2006, 5xmom shall once again do a favour for everyone.

She has consulted her ever-wise old man.

5xmom : Dear…my blog reader asked me whom you think can win the World Cup?

5xdad :  *one hand on steering and one hand scratching jaw*  Hmmm……let me see…..

5xmom : Wei, you better don’t play-play, later I give the wrong answer, very lak-seh (embarassing) one.

5xdad : *one hand still one steering but now, one hand mimic-king a medium in trance, like a man possessed, shaky-shaky like that*  OK, Brazil.

5xmom :  Why leh?

5xdad : *rattled off a string  of Lo and Do names* See, all their  names also got Loh mah.  Like me, all Lohs very great wan.  OK lah, Brazil sure win.

*end of conversation*
Wait….I also got the fixtures and the odds here.  But note that this post is tagged humour so if you go and sell your house, your car, your backside, your wife to place all your money in betting for Brazil and end up with no face, no backside and no money for a grave, it is not my fault, ok?
Fixtures (Group F):

  • v Croatia – 13 June, 2000 BST, Berlin


  • v Australia – 18 June, 1700 BST, Munich


  • v Japan – 22 June, 2000 BST, Dortmund

    And the odds :  9/4 fav (soli hor, I dun farking know what 9/4 is also, I blindly copy paste only)
  • 10 thoughts on “World Cup 2006 results

    1. 5xdad : *rattled off a string of Lo and Do names* See, all their names also got Loh mah. Like me, all Lohs very great wan. OK lah, Brazil sure win.

      ==>>ROFLMAO!!!! :))))

    2. Alex – Wuah…you stay there for so many years and now, say aussie cannot win.

      Nine3Nine3 – Tenkiu, tenkiu, now I know how to bet liao. Hahaha.

      sooi2 – 🙂

      wuching – You slowly-slowly wait la.

    3. the 9/4 I think is, the betting rates. Eg. If you bet RM0.40 for Brazil, and Brazil really wins, you got RM0.90. If lose, you’ll lose the RM0.40.

    4. Wei- 9/4 odds mean for $1 bet, you get back $3.25 ($2.25x win+yr capital)

      So far..the illegal syndicates here predict to win:
      England 137/1
      Brazil 4/11 (means U mean $4 win if $11 bet)
      Germany 6/11 (host country mah!)
      Argentina 18/7
      Serbia 16/1
      CostaRica 14/1
      LongShots to win Leg

      I itchy backside took the 137/1 bet for England to win with a friend.

      Opening Weekend matches is a great way to see if the teams any good.England this time round so gungho cos they won 4-0 to jamaica on the friendly last week. I have £5 riding ENGLAND LOSE their first match *(6/1).E-Draw,England-Paraguay,Paraguay-Paraguay eitherway;

      Just for fun ah….

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