The Cars movie review, sort of

The Cars! The Cars! McDonald got blue car!!!! Mommy!!!! Today is tomorrow liao.

And that’s what forced me out of bed this morning. Original plan was to drive to McDonalds in Tesco and get that blardy cars out of my life once and for all. But it is a nice morning, my housekeeper is cleaning house, two older kids are still snoozing and only two younger ones are going. Manageable number, two. So, I decided to go to Gurney Plaza, which is the one and the only upmarket shopping mall here. And catch The Cars movie instead.

As usual with all Pixar’s movie, it is the kind which leave you with feel-good, fuzzy feelings. There is this red, hot car who is on his way to winning some coveted Piston Cup. On the way, he got lost and ended up in a sleepy town with hillbillies.

I love the two Italians car/vespa. Especially Luigi, the little yellow Fiat. ‘Cos sniff, sniff, my atm drove a Fiat like that last time. Wonder what has happened to our little piggie in beige and maroon? So sayang that we had to sell it off for a much needed few thousand bucks last time.

These townsfolks helped the red car to win the race. Sort of like the F1 la. But little red car sacrificed the title to help The King (the favourite/veteran car) to make it to the finishing line in the name of friendship. And all ends well when the little sleepy town once again became a tourist spot like it used to be. They lived happily ever after….

Heck, I don’t care if the movie is good or it sucks because as long as my kids don’t make a ruckus in there, it is good. No one ask to go to toilet or whine to go home. It costs only RM10! I didn’t know movie is this cheap?

One adult and one child ticket- RM10.

One popcorn combo, RM6.10.

Parking – Two bucks

One McD Happy Meal and one burger – RM11

Equals one happy mom and two kids.

You can find the interactive poster of The Cars here. Just mouseover and magnify the part and The Cars can talk too. “Speed. I am speed.” website also have the wallpapers to download. Oh God, please help me. Now, I have to go download 100 photos into my thumbdrive to take it to the shop to print 4R copies at Kodak in order to get some The Cars freebie.

Added :The freebies from McDonalds with full range of The Cars here on my Flickr album.

9 thoughts on “The Cars movie review, sort of

  1. Tiu lah. Visited : 49 times, comments 0. Charmlorrrr…must change strategy liao. Apamaciam, problogger Wingz got problogger tips anot?

    Hehehe, make sure you take Wingz Junior to watch the movie hor? Good moral of the story wan.

  2. I think this is one of the most fantastic reviews on any movie I’ve ever read in my whole life. Short simple and straight to the point without trying to be clever and add own sypnosis of it hahahaha don’t you wish that you can be like STP and threaten some poor kid to download it for you eh…guess that’s the perks of being a teacher hahahaha

  3. my boiboi got excited over the trailer on TV but he doesnt know it’s showing on cinema, gonna surprise him this weekend. gonna try the new cinema at curve. i think he’s gonna be delighted since he’s a car fanatic!

    i hv yet to bring on the concept that mcd hv such toys to him otherwise die lor. i had had enuff of mcd once a week for breakfast & lunch during the hello kitty craze *roll eyes* for 7 straight weeks!!!! my niece called my spore asking me to get all of them for her aiyoh

  4. cham lor liddat….but i know wat u mean n how the kids feel. lol i drove my sis up the wall when i made her go to mcd’s every week for winnie the pooh small bears. no wonder she hates mcd’s! lol 😛

  5. Print 100 photos to get freebie? It is not free wor.

    1 Adult, 2 children, RM29.10 for entertainment, excluding petrol. Lucky you, can average the cost. Since the day I change my lifestyle(TM) , I rarely went for movie, McD.

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