A matter of loyalty and lots of common sense

The current, ex-boss chiding the new guy of not performing and the whole battallion who stood up for the new one sort of reminded me of a situation. Well, I am sick and tired of parties analysing things, making smart comments to impress, saying how these bunch are matured, working as a team yadda yadda yadda. Oh well, it is only a question of who is holding your rice bowl. We Chinese have this innate built-in instinct to never threaten our rice bowl.

I guess this instinct has rubbed off elsewhere. When it involves work, politics etc, people have to forego principles to protect their rice bowls. It was part of my lesson in secretarial class way back when I was all wide-eyed, bushy tail 18 years old. We were given a situation. Your boss is cheating/siphoning money from the company. Will you expose him or do you pretend not to know? I am a smart little girl back then. If the boss is also the company, you act blind. If you think you can get higher than the boss, and your boss is nothing but a mid level manager, you cut his balls and bring it to the CEO. You will be assured of a post in the highest level of secretarial job.
Once, I was confronted by someone. All she needed from me is a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. She pleaded with me. “You are also a woman, you should understand and protect us women.” She assured me that she will kept my info strictly confidential. My reply to her was,”I am working for a salary. By replying your question, whether it is a yes or a no, I am risking my income.” That was the end of my nice, warm, cordial relationship with her. With that, I no longer gets Monet or any fancy-smanchy gifts or even a smile from her. But I still get a plushy office and fat salary.
Now back to the whole bunch, they definitely sticks to the balls they carry. But is that the right ball? The bunch couldn’t care less. They care for their own balls only. As for the old man, I wish he could have a little more say and exert some influence about the new administration sometimes. We are not like Kiasuland. The smart old man got an heir to carry on his legacy. But our old man here got nothing but frustrations when his hard works had been fed to the dogs. Arrggh….it is terribly disappointing to see our leaders in a situation like this.

Leaders are supposed to be in control. Leaders aren’t supposed to be challenged openly. Leaders aren’t supposed to be made fun by unknown people in bloggers mask. It is our country, our future and our children’s future that we are talking about. It is not fun anymore.

6 thoughts on “A matter of loyalty and lots of common sense

  1. Wingz – Kiasu or watlah u!

    Lilian – Don know wat to say, used to adore the retired old man, still respect him but at time getting annoyed with his comments. The other old man ler…wait some more & see

  2. I still have faith for the new man, but I would love to know what triggered the old man’s scathing comments.

  3. sooi2 – I think the new man is a great guy but he is too mild for the bunch. I love the old man for his sharp tongue. Been a great admirer of him.

    wuching – You no need to worry liao, you are outta here. Been thinking of following yr footsteps.

    mama23beas – Yeah, I wonder where have it all gone wrong. The newer generations are getting more and more kurang ajar, seriously.

    Immom – I feel he is too nice lor. Like that hard to pull the country in the direction he wants.

    wingz – Puadah.

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