Plasma TV, LCD and FIFA World Cup 2006

I thought my poor hubby is the only one who faced the rejection. But just found out that poor Mahagurusia also kena the same rejection.

Over on MSN:

Mahaguru : I thought of getting a plasma TV but got rejected by the 9MP (the wife, the home finance minister)
Lilian : Yayaya, my hubby too wanted to buy one.

**Happens few days ago**

Actually, last weekend, my atm suggested going shopping because we have two hours to kill. But ended up learning all about plasma vs. LCD TVs at a shop.

LCD is half the price of Plasma. LCD cannot be view from all angles. LCD is not good for fast movement shows because of the response time.

Plasma TV is twice the price of LCD. A decent one is about RM8K. You need a distance of 10 feet away from the TV. And it lasts only for about 15 years.

I told my atm I will approve, note the word approve?, in another two World Cups. Then he can expire along with his plasma TV. *muahahahar evil laughs*

So how many of you lucky men there has a 52 inch plasma TV at home for your World Cup? Have you stocked enough snacks, coke, beer, finger foods for tonight? Mahagurusia has checked everything including his eletricity bill.

7 thoughts on “Plasma TV, LCD and FIFA World Cup 2006

  1. Lucky my man is only interested in comp and since he had already got a flatscreen LCD, he’s not making noise.
    I dun put the TV in the living room and everybody’s TV is inside their own room. I doubt my bedroom is spacious enough for such a large screen anyway. lol

  2. Wow. Approve it now lar, why need to wait… Can watch your silai shows on it too mah… Wahahaha…

  3. Are there HDTV transmissions in Malaysia now? I mean, I was under the impression that HDTV is not in Malaysia yet. Without HDTV, frankly, plasma and LCD TVs are pretty meaningless.

  4. yeah i haf plasma at home… but my parents cut off astro so tat i wun be watchin soccer/basketball. blah…. there goes the ‘fast movements’ .

  5. Alex – That means you missed out World Cup!

    Ben – Yeah, that’s one consideration but there is always Uncle Ho….

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