When this naked Fabio Cannavaro is on the World Cup..

Fabio Cannavaro is Italiano and this defender likes to work his way up from the back… need I say more? (quote and photo linking stolen from kstang)

When this guy plays, someone please MSN, email, drop a comment, phone, sms, bang on my door and alert me, ok? I will switch on the TV and watch. Never mind if it is the 3-5 am slot or any nocturnal hours. BTW, Italian what karer huh?

34 thoughts on “When this naked Fabio Cannavaro is on the World Cup..

  1. wingz – Cilaka la lu. Say you drools over Shu Qi, you think you get to score her anot? No mah. So, what’s wrong with looking at that fabio guy wor. He still functions wor, not like he is a bapok mah.

  2. ooooooohhhhhhhh…….aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh…check out those muscular kah-chnui! *swoon*

  3. Italy will be playing tonight at 3am. Let’s hope some naked girl runs into the field and strip him off. Lidat we all can look see together. 😀

  4. last time the hottest in italian team was alessandro nesta. sstill playing.

    well.. dey wun be naked when playing… 😀 but they’ve got tight jerseys. lol

  5. Wah! i like! i like! This fella took over beckham spot for Hottest Footballer 2006!! Tonite 3am…im watching again!!!

  6. Ha ha ha! Didn’t know so many gatal people…some men even! Beckham hot! Yucks! Anyone dumb enough to marry a Spice girl is a real ZERO, no HERO!

  7. woi wingz!! gay meh?? dun simply say!!

    lilian, u can start memorizing all the italian’s match punya time ledi.. u got watch this morning or not? lol

  8. i could seriously do some very very naughty things to the gorgaous fabio ……………………. !!

  9. is he really gay????!!! oh my god i love this hottie dont tell me he is….. he sure doeznt look like it? sum1 reply as soon as possible…

  10. I’m Happy that the Italians wons . Good for them! Dayuuum they really got sum good looking guyz. Ouch!!

  11. wow !!! he make me so close on my bed. sexy, hot hot hottttttttttttt. i love fabio cannavaro forever.
    i meet him in my dream everyday.

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