One fine, sunny afternoon, we went to the market to get some cockles for fishing. While my husband was in the market choosing some fresh cockles to use as baits for his fishing, I sat in the car with nothing to do.

So, I took out my camera and decided to snap some photos. This is from the poorer area and does not reflect the general standard of living of my countrymen, ok? Some of us live in million dollar penthouses and some of us, like me in flats like pigeon holes.

So, upon closer inspection of my photos and after cropping them, aha! I found so many underwears, bras, panties, gaudy lingerie and aunties’ panties hanging in the sun. And so, like all bloggers, I must share the photo with my blog readers.

Plus to find out if my dear, treasured blog reader, all 10 of you, do have hang-ups with hanging your undies out in the open. Where your perverted neighbours can see for themselves what you wear underneath that prim school uniform or your neighbourhood hunk can sniggers at your aunty panty.

I have a 60 yrs old old auntie, living on the ground floor of my apartment who lurrrrves to hang her black, lacy thongs out in the open. Her unit is located near the main gate (a touch & go system) where every cars, motorbikes, people enter. The guards must have hard-ons counting those lacey thongs and able to memorise which black number she wore on which day. I find this a little disturbing, you know?

Hey, grandma did warn us about wearing clean undies in case of accidents (where you get undressed in the ER) and proverbs said not to ‘air your dirty laundry in the open’. So, I think it is rather perverted for people to hang their underwears in the sun, no?

For the above case, oklah, they really have no other place to dry their laundries as it is a two-room, tiny flat. But say, if there is option, do you feel comfortable letting people see your intimate stuffs? I don’t know ‘cos I have a dryer and my undies never seen the sunlight before.

Now, it is your turn to air your dirty laundry tales. Please tell! And do you take a second look at your neighbour’s sexy lingeries? Confession time!