Hang-ups on hanging underwears and lingeries

One fine, sunny afternoon, we went to the market to get some cockles for fishing. While my husband was in the market choosing some fresh cockles to use as baits for his fishing, I sat in the car with nothing to do.

So, I took out my camera and decided to snap some photos. This is from the poorer area and does not reflect the general standard of living of my countrymen, ok? Some of us live in million dollar penthouses and some of us, like me in flats like pigeon holes.

So, upon closer inspection of my photos and after cropping them, aha! I found so many underwears, bras, panties, gaudy lingerie and aunties’ panties hanging in the sun. And so, like all bloggers, I must share the photo with my blog readers.

Plus to find out if my dear, treasured blog reader, all 10 of you, do have hang-ups with hanging your undies out in the open. Where your perverted neighbours can see for themselves what you wear underneath that prim school uniform or your neighbourhood hunk can sniggers at your aunty panty.

I have a 60 yrs old old auntie, living on the ground floor of my apartment who lurrrrves to hang her black, lacy thongs out in the open. Her unit is located near the main gate (a touch & go system) where every cars, motorbikes, people enter. The guards must have hard-ons counting those lacey thongs and able to memorise which black number she wore on which day. I find this a little disturbing, you know?

Hey, grandma did warn us about wearing clean undies in case of accidents (where you get undressed in the ER) and proverbs said not to ‘air your dirty laundry in the open’. So, I think it is rather perverted for people to hang their underwears in the sun, no?

For the above case, oklah, they really have no other place to dry their laundries as it is a two-room, tiny flat. But say, if there is option, do you feel comfortable letting people see your intimate stuffs? I don’t know ‘cos I have a dryer and my undies never seen the sunlight before.

Now, it is your turn to air your dirty laundry tales. Please tell! And do you take a second look at your neighbour’s sexy lingeries? Confession time!

29 thoughts on “Hang-ups on hanging underwears and lingeries

  1. Hahaha. Very common sight in Msia, no?

    In Msia I live in condos, but the undies are hung towards the inside. House dont have dryer..

    Over here where I study, we hang the laundry on clothes airer in the backyard so it’s not that obvious. Imagine hanging the laundry in the front lawn.. O_O” omg.. HAHAHA.

  2. Gee! So many people always looking at others’ underwear kah? What is this world coming to? I’d better hide mine!!! My daughter heard song on radio…and said it was about me; she heard “Big Suspender” (Actual title: Big Spender)!

  3. adoiiii!! that one chicken house lah! that’s why lots of undies hanging outside. they do it purposely. it is an advertisement of sorts.

  4. i’m traditional so i prefer hanging em out in the sun but of course not exposed to passersby. So I hid em. You know the stand alone cloths line we can get from Carrefour.. i have one of those. We hang shirts on the first outside line then jeans/trousers on second line. Those sensuous items go at the most inner and discreet line. Malu la.. not matching pair some more.

  5. I hang my clothes in the balcony facing the backyard, just outside my room & it’s hidden from prying eyes. No need to look at neighbours’ lingerie, mine’s sexier, hehe.

  6. Last available size!!! And after buying, must put over the back of an armchair to stretch first…! If I grow any bigger, no more! I’ll have to make my own…or not wear any!!!

  7. We were taught since we were little girls that undies should not be seen by other people. Been taught to just hang inside the house. Now, I need to sort out…mine inside, but for hubby’s I really don’t care where as long as they dry fast;).

  8. My newly moved in neighbour, a single indian lady in her 40s, like to hang underwear right in front of the house everyday, it’s a semi-d house with backyard don’t know why she wants to hang in right in front of the house. I don’t see any other laundry, just underwear, day after day, sometimes 1, sometimes 3. Wondering why she never wash other cloths, just undie, somemore is those aunty type. WEIRDO, even my maid say she’s “orang pelik”, tak tahu malu.

  9. As Joey of Friends fame said “Go commando”. No undies, so no need wash or to dry out for neighbours to see. But guys need to watch out for the zips.

  10. Oh, what a sight! As you say, I think they don’t have better place to hang lar, since it’s a two room unit. You can donate dryers to them šŸ™‚

  11. Some perverted people not only “look” at those undies displayed in the open but they also STEAL em! can you imagine stealing and wearing other people’s undies! yuck!

  12. i wash my panty during my shower and it dries in my bedroom, so, who can see. i seldom wear bras, cant remember when was the last i washed either, sei mou…….

  13. I stay in a small apt which has a small balcony with brick walls, so usually hang the the bottom portion of the balcony–quite hidden.Anyway, our apt don’t allow us to hand clothes outside the balcony

  14. Wow so many colourful “flags”. Thank goodness I can hang my undies discreetly and still get the sun fresh smell when it is dry.

  15. Even the road signs ask you not to look to the left, only can turn to right lah. :p

    Of course must show lah, if not who knows if they are Calvin Klein or A|X woh?

  16. i hv a dryer but never used it to dry bras/panties… takut shrinkage. can arh? lemme know

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