Touch n Go girls

‘Touch ’n Go’ girls Teenagers let young men fondle them for a fee

THERE is a new term in Sungai Petani – “Touch n’ Go Girls”.

This is not because the girls, some of whom are as young as 12, work at tollbooths but because of the illicit services they offer.

A source from the Kuala Muda District Religious Office told Kosmo! that the girls would let men touch their breasts and private parts for a fee.

Because of this, the girls are known as “Touch n’ Go Girls”.

The daily said the girls were runaways and their modus operandi was to hang out at a shopping mall in town to offer their services. Their clients are mostly young men who hang out at the mall.

The source also revealed that the religious authority was monitoring the girls’ activities.

“Their behaviour is simply outrageous,” said the source. (copy from The Star)

I have forgotten which small town I was in the other day where I chanced upon all sorts of almost-p0rn cheap, Malay magazines. Wow, scandalous pics with tantalising stories in Bahasa Malaysia. Many of the photos are real, taken with hidden cameras of Malay girls ala Tammy NYP scandal. I don’t know how these magazines can get a publication licence and what our authorities are doing about them. It was a total eye-opener to me because I have always considered our Malay brothers and sisters having a higher moral values and stricter upbringing.
I don’t see these magazines hanging around the mamak stalls here probably because these stall owners still have some shred of dignity and found selling cars, parenting and PC magazines less sinful than selling junks like these to corrupt young minds.

So, I would say that it is time the people in power ought to find out what is wrong generally. Before they get too stressed up over apostasy and heavy stuffs like politics and why a handful of Muslims are converting to other religions, they should find out why so many families are totally abandoning their religious teachings. Out there, lurk a very sinister, dark forces that have lured the youngs into vices. It takes more than :

religious authority was monitoring the girls’ activities.

to solve it. It takes an overall, self-appraisal to see where we have gone wrong and how to arrest these problems. It starts from the home, the parents.

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  1. 1stttt!!!!111oneone

    actually this toucnh n go girls hor … u touch them or they touch u one? then touch ledi who is paying who? if they touch me then i want ler!

  2. This is really sad and a sad reflection of our society. Very distressing indeed that these poor kids have to resort to this. What’s happening to us? 🙁

  3. i wonder…where do they operate their “toll booths” in the shopping complex??

    worse in japan…teenage girls prostituting themselves so that they have $$$ to buy their LV and CK goods.

  4. “The source also revealed that the religious authority was monitoring the girls’ activities.”

    These so called authorities are nothing more than wanking voyeurs.

  5. I wonder what happen to the teachings in the ugama class? Sg Petani is suppose to be a more religious state ???

    Anyway, I think these “cheap thrills” are not a problem to a specific Malay teenagers only. It is big problem plaguing our whole Malaysian teenagers from 11 years old to 20++ years old.

    Imagine, all these teenagers thinks & act that it is Not a sin to do all these. Since they are already “enjoying it ” why not get paid for it ????

    Well, boys & girls out there. Respect your body.It is the only one that you have until you are wrinkled and grey.

  6. No use blaming the kids. Blame the adults. Most of these kids have single parents who don’t know/ give a damn, what their kids are doing.

  7. Since the girls are runaways, it must have started from home.
    They are probably doing it to get food…very distressing.
    And a few months ago, we heard about the “black metal” thingy among the Malays, also in Kedah, right?

  8. It’s alarming! Yes, Lilian, it starts from home. In Cental theStar Metro today, it was front paged that our young primary school children were caught patronizing cyber cafes in uniforms and busy playing web games or some other “games”.

    So parents out there, watch out for your kids..they are your biggest investment and you wouldn’t want to lose them..

  9. this reminds me of a girl we used to know back when we were little children..she was a touch & go girl! so rumour has it but never tried oso lah..too sked & no money oso! hehehe!

  10. Adam: I don’t think it is fair that you say these girls come from single parent families.

    It’s sad to see what’s happening to the moral values of children these days. So young and yet doing such things already. (not that being older warrants them to do such things)

  11. Sad to see/hear that children as young as 12 are starting to run away from home. This is all so common in the western part of the world, but here? What kinda guidance are they getting these days. So disheartening.

  12. One thing this tells you is the situation these girls are in and how desperate they are for money. The government isn’t doing enough in welfare or probably it’s because the government’s welfare system is aimed at giving free money rather than encouraging the poor to work, and hence increasing the productivity levels of the nation.

    Yes, people are getting desperate now…

  13. Hah! I’m sure u ladies are wishing they’d employ young, handsome guys to “man” the toll booths, ya? Wah! Wuching, so chicken kah!! No wonder today so horrible! Backlash from a deprived childhood!

  14. need to top-up my T & G card la then everytime I balik kampung to make sure enough credit.

    BTW did you go to Seri Permai for your primary. Just wondering.

  15. ish, kind of reminds me of the bohsia thing back then. then again it may be just the gomen playing up all these issues to divert the rakyat’s attention from more important issues.

  16. simon – Yalah, usual. But still this calls for some attention.

    foodcrazee – Yr comment must have gone into Askimet (spam bin) and I just deleted all without reading. Self-censored la, I never touch anything.

    subsidi – YES! I went to Seri Permai. Class A, 1971-1976.

    STP – Wuah…you must have participated in a lot of touch and feel?

    Jon – I wud say the older folks who are all in power are not in touch with the fast changing under current. Those they cannot see or feel. Like the cybercafes issue? Residents committees members going around policing?

    samm – That’s the world our kids are going to grow up in lor.

  17. there is a kind of job among the models and ushers called “dinner job”. they go out with the rich man who pay them around 800-1200 a night. mostly they wil go dinner and night club. so from stranger view, they are a couple. i have some frens working for it. tat’s make me feel bad ;(.. the touch n go girl even more… more.. hmm…. ;( ;( ;(

  18. jian – Hi lenglui Jian! Last time, when I was working, one of my colleague told me about this holiday trip – go overseas with these old men. Free passage, free holiday, free shopping. Hahaha, lucky I wasn’t much of a looker so tak laku. Hahahaha. We also got a lot of business associates who offer us secretaries free flight and hotel room and promise to take us shopping wor.

  19. “religious authority was monitoring the girls”

    KNNCCB, the religious authority “monitor” those under age. “Monitoring”, isn’t it pedo peeping toms in practice? And not to forget taking care of this runaway underage are part to the social welfare departments job, WTFCCB this people just lay their hand and let the f*cking religous authority go “monitor” it.

  20. WHO is monitoring the religious authority if they s-t-r-a-y- along ???????????? Religion is screwed up by many groups,who use it for personal / false glory.

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