Another what I eat today post

I wake up at 10.30am

I bath.

I eat two slices of bread.

My housekeeper has cleaned the house until sparkling and spanking new like TV commercials.

My toddler had asked me to draw cars, taxis, boats, women, keys, sweets.  Papers after papers, he asked me to draw.  *sobs*

I blog.
I play around with Google Earth, hoping it can zoom right into some male sauna or gyms.  But I only see cemeteries, lots of them.  Hey, you know that Penang has way too many cemeteries?   And the race course is taking up far too much land.  Not to mention those golf courses?
(aha!  my blog juice is finally running, for a second I thot I got blogblock)
I got someone who asked me if I am from my primary school. Yikes, kontrakormelayu, that’s me.   Isn’t that so thrilling?  Some 12 years old boy (now 40s la) asked me if I am that little Cina Amoi way back in the kampong.

OK, basically, I am totally-totally drained out ‘cos last night I had to clean up my Dreamweaver template, clean up over 100 pages of html because I realised that I was putting up my old adsense code (which I had been banned) in the site.  *sheesh…think of the clicks I missed?*  I only get to sleep at 3am ‘cos I screwed up the folders and got 404 all over.  By then, I gently woke my atm and see if he wants to watch FIFA World Cup but he was too sleepy to bother.
See?  Like all vain bloggers, I simply must post eventhough I have nothing to post?  And you are still reading my post eventhough I have nothing to post.  Because I know you will read my post eventhough I have nothing to post so I post eventhough I have nothing to post. Chotto matte kudasai.

8 thoughts on “Another what I eat today post

  1. let’s see, so far today i’ve eaten a sausage roll, 2 egg sandwiches and 2 packet drinks. and one teh ais. it’s only 1.30pm…

  2. Admire you lah…to be able to post without anything really to post and yet when I read this no-post post, I still enjoy it as much as when I read your “ada” post post.

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