Happy Father’s Day to all the dads

I want to be the first to wish all the daddies Happy Father’s Day. I know that people tend to forget Father’s Day and make a big hoo-haa out of Mother’s Day. Dude, it is this Sunday, dude. Father’s Day!
I love Father’s Day ‘cos it is one day in a year when I can make my husband absolutely indebted to me ‘cos I gave him so many nice kids to make him feel good. Nyek, I can claim anything I want on Father’s Day ‘cos of the BIG, HUGE, GIGANTIC, UNSURMOUNTABLE, MAMMOTH, TITANIC tasks of bearing him kids that make him a dad. It is real special to be a dad, you know?

Imagine? Your little sacs in the wrinkly bags there have humans seeds? Millions of them, in fact. Great, right?

I have copied some very sensible thoughts I found from Time Magazine. It is one long article which all dads ought to read.

Does fatherhood makes you happy?
By DANIEL GILBERT (taken from Time.com)
The compulsion to care for our children was long ago written into our DNA, so we toil and sweat, lose sleep and hair, play nurse, housekeeper, chauffeur and cook, and we do all that because nature just won’t have it any other way.

Just as a glorious game-winning homer can erase our memory of 812 dull innings, the sublime moment when our 3-year-old looks up from the mess she is making with her mashed potatoes and says, “I wub you, Daddy,” can erase eight hours of no, not yet, not now and stop asking. Children may not make us happy very often, but when they do, that happiness is both transcendent and amnesic.

Movies, theater, parties, travel–those are just a few of the English nouns that parents of young children quickly forget how to pronounce. We believe our children are our greatest joy, and we’re absolutely right. When you have one joy, it’s bound to be the greatest.

Our ability to love beyond all measure those who try our patience and weary our bones is at once our most noble and most human quality. The fact that children don’t always make us happy–and that we’re happy to have them nonetheless–is the fact for which Sonora Smart Dodd was so grateful. She thought we would all do well to remember it, every third Sunday in June.

11 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day to all the dads

  1. “Your little sacs in the wrinkly bags there have humans seeds? Millions of them, in fact.”

    LOL, that’s the most original father’s day wishes evah!

  2. My wife and kid took me out dinner last Saturday, not expecting anything this Sunday. Yeap.. life is good, can’t complain…. remember “who’s your daddy?” line.

  3. For those first 10 seconds I felt pretty good. Then I fell asleep. Then nine months later I pay for it. Still paying for it.

    On Father’s Day I will send my son to Boy Scout camp. Every year his troop leaves on Father’s Day. Who makes this schedule. Oh well. I can play Xbox 360 without anyone laughing at me now.

    But kids do make me smile. Otherwise I would have skinned them long ago. 😉

  4. Thought u claim ur reward for suffering…and looking ugly like suituapui for 9 months on Mother’s Day? Father’s Day u have to reward the poor guy 4 listening to ur endless demands & complaints, moans and groans and for working his ass off to put food on the table…(u only the cooker bah!), bring u to Cameron & Sunway Lagoon, give u money to eat in fancy restaurants and buy toys for the kids etc…etc…etc…??? Ha ha ha!

  5. Yeapz…Planned to get my dad a new simple nokia handphone for father’s day…pity him carrying the old but reliable 3315, when all of us are carrying more canggih phone.
    *there goes my dslr savings…sigh*

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