Special FIFA World Cup edition – Ronaldinho’s ball

PEMBETULAN :  It is number 10, not number 9.  Bodohnya, saya.  Tapi apasal dia orang mya gigi semua cam tu ha?  Kahkahkah.

Ronaldinho’s ball. Special edition. Free! Eh, this one really his signature or not, I don’t know ler.

Count how many brands 5xmom is endorsing here? Dell computer. Fujicolour. Konica Minolta. (under the ball) FIFA World Cup 2006. Ronaldo. And also got Bible…

The two young cikus who forced me to buy one five-kilogrammes of washing detergent! Tiu. I had to sieve through dunno how many bags to find one single silver ball. The rest are all pink and purple ones. This ball comes free with 5 KG Breeze. Quick go buy Ronaldinho’s ball. Only RM28.99 from your nearest supermarket, kedai runcit, kedai mamak, hypermarket Tesco, Giant, Carrefour.
Since you have been faithfully following the World Cup from 5xmom, she shall reward all humsup lous (dirty old/young men) with Ronaldo’s girlfriend in bikini. Click more to see. This blog cannot put sexy, almost nekid girls on the front page, you know? Click ‘Read more’

Ceh, the cameraman so ‘char’ wan. Never focus her butts and boobs but go focus the set of teeth. (photo taken from SportsIllustrated.CNN.)

Apamaciam, cun anot?

10 thoughts on “Special FIFA World Cup edition – Ronaldinho’s ball

  1. LOL, samm, you know hor, my mom always scolded me when I am pregnant and saying people like this, like that. Hahaaha, you no sked you get one sau ngar jai? But then, you are breastfeeding so won’t get toothy kids.

  2. yerrr!!! the fler like a paleolithic monkey lidat!

    but siler ronaldo ball looks quite ‘chio’, LOL!

  3. Although, the pic is blur, I think she is hot. Don’t want to consider myself as a dirty old man, but let’s put it this way… I “appreciate” women in general.
    If that’s Ranaldo’s gf, good for him. As far as Brazil is concern, I like to watch Ronaldhino play.

  4. Aya…aunti ah, the cameraman is trying to show everyone how a sex maniac look like ma.

  5. tumpanglalu – Die die, you mean there are two separate guys we are referring to? Alamak, shy la. I oso noticed the number 10 there and know that other guy is number 9. Both of them looks as ugly wor. There is a photo of the guy with the ball on Breeze packaging. Hahaha.

    Prometeuz – You are so right. What is missing is the saliva dripping.

    wuching – Breeze – nice, clean and sparkling.

    kc – Sei lor, I betul-betul buta wan. This brazillian all same face. *hides face in shame for mixing up that two ronaldodinosaur names*

    samm – Hahaha, ya hor. Think oso never mind la hor?

    sooi2 – You got me there. I gotta search the meaning of the word and realised it is cave man! Yeay, I learnt a new word.

    ahpek – Dream on lah. My blog very clean and innocent wan.

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