Sex and the FIFA World Cup 2006

I just returned from Tesco, shopping for groceries at 12 midnight.  Duh!  I know I need a life but that’s all the excitement I get.

Cashier : Uncle, ada tengok World Cup?

Uncle  (my atm lah) :  Ada….

Cashier : Malam ni siapa main?

Uncle : Tadi Argentina lawan (something negro).  Wuah, Argentina bagui, depa bagi masuk enam bijik yadda yadda yadda with cashier

Cashier :  Yakah…best lah?  Kerja….yadda yadda yadda

Now, you tell me.  Football is a game of men playing.  Majority of people who watch the World Cup are men too.  Why in the world would people search  for sex world cup 2006?

I had a traffic surge and upon checking, I found that India, France, Denmark, Eqypt Google have people searching for sex in the world cup.

(bigger screenshot)  This is from Google India.  I am on number one on Google Denmark, Eqypt and France and third page on the main Google.

I mean, after watching the World Cup, don’t tell me the men got turned on with the sight of the 22 men running on a big field?  No right?  So, what do these people expect to dig out from the search engines?

Moreover, don’t they know that Germans are very cold?  The men are very strict, the women are very manly.  (hey, my first job was in a German company, ok?)  So, there.  Nothing sexy about it.  That’s why they need to import sex workers into Germany to cater for the increased tourists.

(big screenshot here.  People looking for Fabio sex in Google Netherlands) 

So back to my groceries shopping trip, I was cracking my brain to figure out why people want to search for sex world cup 2006.  And I got a big, brilliant theory.  Aha!  It is not the men who are searching.  It is the poor neglected wives looking for something sizzling, you know…like a nekid Fabio.  Or the women are figuring out how to find sex during the FIFA World Cup 2006 because it is one longgggggg……30 days match where the husbands stay glued to the TV without blinking the eyes.

You say my theory correct anot?  Or you have a better idea why people wants to find sex at the World Cup?  Person with best theory gets to watch the World Cup free, on TV.  😛

10 thoughts on “Sex and the FIFA World Cup 2006

  1. And don’t anyone dare give any funny, personal remarks ok? I am playing to the tune of the search engines only.

  2. 1st!!! err … 2nd !!! but i think i m 1st la! your own komen dun count wan rite?

    this is not a funny komen ok?!

  3. this is football fetish like that nekid guy holding the ball & ppl like things lidat..i no price for me?

  4. goes to prove the SEX is EVERYWHERE….even in football! lol 😛 after all, tis a ‘sport’ no? you sweat n u certainly lose the calories! *damn, must be cheeky day today!*

  5. “poor neglected wives”???
    what about poor neglected hubby or bf?
    If your theory is right, I am packing tonight and head out to Europe.. lol

  6. i see sex in football whenever a player scores a goal. All his gay partners will be pounding on him, having their legs wrap around their waist… oh damn! hahahhahha

    oh yea… they love to grab balls to during free kick.

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