What will you do if someone blocked your car…

and you gotta wait for the stupid arsehole for 30 freaking minutes while your sons are grumbling about being famished, tired  and cold (as it is raining cats and dogs)  and you got a hungry husband and a 3 years old toddler at home waiting impatiently because you are supposed to be home 45 minutues earlier……

and the two stupid, fat biatches did not even say sorry for blocking your car and act indignant?

You tell me first before I explode further.   Still naik api, must cool down before I go rat-a-tat-tat all stupid arseholes down.  Please make it ugly, cruel, demonic,  nasty….on my behalf.

25 thoughts on “What will you do if someone blocked your car…

  1. okay, are u using an old car? if i were you i would put the car in reverse and slam the damn blocking car!! hit and run laa. muahahahaha. i thought of it once since my car was blocked by some stupid arseholes (just like your situation, when i had to go to class). but hey, i didnt want to get in trouble and eventually i drove on the sidewalk/pavement and got through. cisss! luckily it’s an old car, so no worry about repairing the shock absorbers. LOL

  2. i always have a very very extremely nasty and UGLY note (i made many photocopies) which i kept in my car. so if this happens to me, nvm one, i will just get down from the car and go for another round of shopping, but i will leave my LOVELY note and i will then bend down and take out that fatty bitch tyre screw… then insert a smaller screw into it (it have these stuff!!) .. so the air would be all released!!!!! of course you must have a lot of time to spare if you want to witness this HAPPY incident to happend and also to witness those bitches faces!!!!!

  3. I’ve heard of smashing the window and letting go the handbrake. THat was you get the satisfaction of breaking something and the car will no longer be in your way. Lol

  4. once upon a time (about 2000) between my exwife and i, we had three cars. so the old car (1984 honda mayat) i used to block this stupid singaporean car parked in our space. when they come knocking at our we pretend not to hear or pretend sleep. switch off all lights. for three whole days. ie friday to sunday night. must have spoiled their weekend holiday and go back late to singapore on monday instead of sunday afternoon. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  5. Call your tow-truck gang to ram the blocking car and drive off. When owner return, stand beside your own car and watch them O_O while licking your Swiss Army Knife. When they ask you who banged their car, shrug your shoulders and say you don’t know. Tell them you know a very good car repair shop that belongs to the tow-truck gang. Tow-truck gang boss will treat you to a nice plate of chicken leg mushroom mee. :P~~~

  6. Keep those evil thoughts coming. I will tell you all why I can’t do anything like those suggested above. Keep feeding me with all the gore please.

  7. First of all, my deep condolences and thoughts go your way for the unfortunate incident, what-ever might have been the cause for the blocking.

    It have happened to me few times before and I was patient enough not to react. All those incidents minus were were un-called for and I was in a public place. The only one time that I was in some form of fault was when I parked in a slot which was reserved for someone else, (however, there was no clear marking, and I have missed it). Anyways, all the occasion, I was on my own and have no crying children with me, alhamdullilah.

    What I wanted to do was beyond description, but let me just summaries it into one word, DESTRUCTION! That’s the thought that ran to me all those sorry occasion but I just leave the punishment to Allah swt, if the offenders deserved them. On my part, may Allah swt gives me more rahmat for my ‘sabar’.

    All the best girl.

  8. Just put a big dent on their bonnet. That will teach them to be so rude … or you can key it with a screwdriver. They cannot prove you did it … unless they were there. In which case they would have moved their car already.

  9. Shaolin Tiger is right. I actually did this before. …i.e smash the driver’s window, disengage the handbrakes and push it out of the way.
    i always carry a baseball bat shaped steering lock for this purpose.

  10. That is why I always carry a VERY LONG 1M ruler& a long stiff wire to break into the car and reverse them out.
    after that… U see lah what i do…

    Selalu kena while i was working at USM,UiTM especially. there was once i even carry the 3T rolling jack, just jack em off and move them outta the way… and also..put superglue in the keyslot!

  11. if the weather is real hot, then easier. Just pour a drop of ur MiNYAK ANGIN and the paint will crack…

    Thats the ugly side of Malaysian damn shitty. Kiasu like shit

  12. Once on a Sun afternoon after packing back lunch for my family with my mom, a car blocking my car and another car parked beside me.
    I was fuming like mad, and just honked and honked, but the person never came to remove the car until 15 mins later, only got loads of curious bystanders looking at us..sigh.
    After that the lady came and moved her car, then my mom scolded her…LOL

  13. ring your hubby, come with second car and “box” the biatches’ car IN; go to nearest fast food joint and have lunch, dinner and supper LOL.:) Happy Mum and Dad and Children X-perience, write about it, may even have TV script for TV3, yes? Jest remember My 30% CONm…

  14. Someone did that to me once. It took me a while, but I manage to manuever my vehicle out of the way. Then I got out and did a karate kick on the side of the door of his/her brand new BMW (no license number yet).. Yes, it made a huge dent… I mean “huge” …. even spooked myself, thinking to myself…”shit, what have I done” then I quickly drove away. Good thing, no one saw me. Yeap.. that cost the stupid-fuck for being inconsiderate.

  15. When it comes to hungry kids… I will probably go berserk. I will and I mean it, KILL THEM! I almost killed my neighbour for doing that same exact thing.. He is now very afraid of our house now. MUA HAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

  16. Sounds to me like they are illegally parked. I would call the management or police. The management respond have the car towed at owners expense. The police come. Press charges, give them a ticket, and tow them.

  17. that jus happend with me my car is blocked, i have rang the police now in the uni lab had nothign to do so googeld it brought this up killing time see if the police come and actuly do anything will let you knw.

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