Auntie Suzanne in The Star!

I am going to paste this article from The Star of a woman I admired. Auntie Suzanne! I had written about how she inspired me in a few posts. So, so proud to see her featured. Wow, she owned a pistol before! I hope I can be half of her good health and fabulous skin and posture when I am her age. But I guess I won’t even live to 60 years old. LOL.

SUZANNE Lee is an accomplished, charming lady. She is an expert ballroom dancer and a good shot, and even had her own pistol when firearms were not banned. And she is 82.

Originally from Seremban, Suzanne came to live in Penang when her husband Tony, 83, a former superintendent of police, retired. Over tea – a gracious affair with homemade pancakes and tea – Suzanne shared her secret of her marriage to Tony, happiness and good health.

Childhood sweethearts, they have been married for more than 58 years and are looking forward to celebrating their diamond anniversary in two years’ time.

“Tony is a gentleman and very considerate,” declared Suzanne who affectionately refers to her husband as “Daddy”.

She does not believe in keeping secrets from him – why complicate life? – and does not interfere in his life, either. One cardinal rule she has maintained all these years in her long happy marriage is the concept of “give and take”.

“We have been happy for so long because when one of us is angry, the other stays calm. Besides it’s normal to quarrel so long as you don’t go to bed angry!”

Amid the splendour of her large cosy home filled with her collection of antiques, this mother of three is also no stranger to tragedy. Just five years ago, she buried her only son, Gordon, who died of liver cancer. He was Asia’s first haute couture model in Paris.

Read the full story (two articles) and see Auntie Suzanne’s photos here.

What I learnt from Auntie Suzanne:

  1. Roast Christmas turkey
  2. Prepare a complete Christmas meal
  3. Men are full of nonsence LOL
  4. “I forgive” and mean it
  5. 1.5KG dumbells (but mine is sitting, gathering dust)
  6. Scold people when they deserve it! I love this one
  7. Stay pretty
  8. If you don’t take care of yourself, no one will
  9. Beads, costume jewelleries, matching accessories, make-up
  10. Turn to Christ always

6 thoughts on “Auntie Suzanne in The Star!

  1. I think a lot of people are already learning for 5xmom and admire her..dnt u agree wuch?

    Anyway, Auntie Suzanne sure has the best recipe in life. May God Bless her always, incidentaly, I read in the article that she’s singing in the Cathedral and so are you…hmmm…u two ever plan to start a cabaret act 😛 Aunty Suzanne and Aunty Lilian hehehe…or we can always call it the Aunties and ask KNB to be your manager as per wuching’s posting , on June 18, 2006 entitled The Sisterhood Of The Bloodsucking Fangs hahahahahhahahahahaahahha

  2. This is such a lovely post.
    I totally agree with No#6. Scold people when they deserve it ! He, he, he…. Then we don’t accumulate so much anger and grow ‘old faster’.

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