Malaysia’s future in the FIFA World Cup

My dear hubby has pamcit his World Cup marathon. What about the others? He had real early flight this morning and cannot endure the 3 am match between England and dunnowho anymore. In fact, after the first half of the 9 pm match already sleepy.
But fear not, we have a goalkeeper from Malaysia for FIFA World Cup 2020. Meet this little guy from Malaysia, shoes sponsored by FILA, shirt by Body Glove, shorts by KikiLaLa bola by serbuk pencuci Breeze yang sangat harum dan menyegarkan. He is managed by 5xmom so which club wants to sign him up, fast-fast leave comment here.

Brazil cuba memasukan gol tapi ditangkas oleh penjaga gol dari Malaysia! Aww…malangnya Brazil gagal.

Penjaga gol dari Malaysia kini membuat (apa shot?) ke arah midfielder. (Heh, I know nuts about football ok? )

Sekian siaran langsung FIFA World Cup dua puluh dua puluh dari stadium Sap Puluh dengan keputusan Malaysia dua dan Brazil 0. Ini merupakan kali pertama sebuah negara Asia memenangi piala dunia ini. Lapuran dari Has *coff coff coff* bulah *batuk batuk ahak ahak minyak cap kapak sungguh mujarab* Awang dan Serbegeth Singh yang sudah tua-tua dan nyanyok.

OK, now social issue talk. I notice that lots and lots of young children, as young as 5 to 6 years old are all into tennis. I mean, which little kid would fancy playing tennis in the hot evening sun in our tropical country? It is definitely all their parents and their fluff ideas of coaching a Michael Chang. Please lah, you think so easy to find a sports prodigy meh? I so kesian to see all these little boys and girls baking in the sun, looking bored, chasing a little yellow ball, under the watchful eyes of the adult coaches. My sensible hubby said they can dream on lah ‘cos unless a tennis player is over 6 foot 2 inches, they will only smell the farts of the lanky Caucasians players. Muahahahar…..What do you think? Do you notice that lots of kiasu parents are into coaching their kids in money churning sports like tennis, squash, golf but shunned the more fun one like football? With football, the kids can go crazy playing with their peers. With this single, one-to-one game, I think the kids are utterly bored and feel pressured. Hmmm..none of my business but I just wanna kaypoh. Parents, don’t get angry ‘cos I laff at you for torturing your little kids for your own selfish interest, ok?

20 thoughts on “Malaysia’s future in the FIFA World Cup

  1. I was there. Coaching my daughter to be golfer or ice hockey player. kekek Lot of scholarships in the US for these kids. But my daughter screwed everything up by good at scholastics. Oh well. I accept that scholarship too. 🙂

  2. romantic – And Tiger Woods used to be an inspiration too! Oh dear, I must be a bad mommy who aren’t impressed with the possibility of having a world champion.

    SA – But I suppose you aren’t a slave driver like the Williams? I heard/read that the parents are very strict?

  3. waaa.. i didnt know malaysian ‘kiasu’ parents are into coaching their kids playing tennis. i learnt playing tennis all by myself (and teachers) really. no help or support from mom or dad. huhu.

  4. I agree! Parents seem to be forcing their kids to do this and do that…even in their choice of careers…and WIVES/HUSBANDS! Let them live their own lives…;good or bad, it’s their life!!! …..P.S.: Your boy is SO cute…! Too bad don’t have daughter his age!!! (Oops!! There I go again, trying to arrange a match for my girl! Ha ha ha!)

  5. hey suituapui! can still arrange wan! remember long ago ppl used to arrange marriage between younger boy & older girl!

  6. If good in tennis, malaysia oso can cari makan. Selvam, the malaysia no 1. but retired into coaching makes more than 10k monthly coaching and he only finish secondary school.
    An average player, but who knows the trick of the game well makes about 3-5k coaching in a small town like PD.

  7. Lillian, your son very handsome lah.. and ada gaya lah when he main bola.. future Maradona 🙂 🙂

  8. send the kids over to the states to play basketball – can earn millions…..come back a 6’5″ male – guarantee cannot find Asian wife…….chuckle

  9. ahaks..

    Sounds like what i have been through 10 years ago. The same girl who smelled of sweat and chased yellow balls every weekends morning from 7am to 3pm(my dad left me there and proceed to play 18 hole golf, makan and talk).

    Sometimes he forgot that i came along too… but that was the best part of childhood ever…

    I got tanned and labled tomboy. But i enjoyed the game and make a lot of ‘tennis friends’.

    Those good ol’ days..

  10. Already concluded with hubby:
    a) Badminton – No! Where got so easy to get into National squad? In oso malu everytime kalah Thomas Cup wor…
    b) Golf – Not rich enough to train them 🙁
    c) Tennis – Where Asian got strength to whack the ball until become pro?
    d) Swimming – My kids don’t have long legs & hands wor, compete with ang moh, their long hands can reach the finishing line first ;P
    e) Football – When we see Malaysian team winning any famous tournament?
    Decision : Concentrate on the next Vanessa Mae lor

  11. it world cup fever in my household..the whole neighbourhood was quiet when england played sweden yesterday and guess what? i feel asleep right at the end. anyway, love yr pix.
    am hoping to organise a meet between UK born malaysian players with malaysian players – that wld be interesting!

  12. Your son ada gaya menjadi footballer lah Lil… so cute… Kalau Nuzul dah besar nanti , I just let him to decide what game he want to play. But if he choose the mahal2 or yang kenak berjemur di tengah panas or yang merbahaya punya game habis lah I 🙁

  13. Wat abt swimming? i think the kids wud find it fun as well…but the drill is super extreme for a pro. Malaysia actually has an international swimmer who came from SXI !

  14. sooi2 – Jeffrey Ong? Swimming oso good but turn so black ler. Anyway, I no ambitious wan. Every day I drive my kids to skateboarding and already complain like mad. Tiap-tiap hari wish it rains so I can escape. Like that how to groom a gold medallist in extreme games ler? My kid said I am like a big bucket of cold water, ask him ‘when are you going to get tired of skateboarding and move on ah? I lazy to drive you every evening ler’. It is raining today, yippee.

    mama nuzul – Jadi parents cam tu lah, kena tahan. My kids now pun beli their skate stuffs yang mahal-mahal until I dah tak ada mood nak spend on myself. Tapi kena juga encourage la.

    anastasia – Wow, extra income

    kakteh – But at least it is not 3 am like here when England plays. Wow, Kak Teh organised la. Hahahaha – Kak Teh’s cup.

    Immom – I told my kid I must ask those parents (of famous sports personalities) how they cope with their children involvement. It is very taxing la but if they have a passion, I also must tahan and encourage lor.

    little pixie – Wuah, tennis is a rich man’s game. Over here, they have tennis coaching every where. Teacher’s college etc.

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