Sticky Post and subscribe to comments

Testing sticky post plugin. *dig nose, find-find green goo, stick it to the ceiling* That’s how sticky post works.

I have added a subscribe to comments plugin. It means, you gotta un-tick the little box after the ‘Submit Comment’ button or else this blog will spam you with notifications that someone has commented. I am doing this just for fun. If it annoys you, I will take it off (i.e. uncheck the box). I know I hate getting emails notifications from some of the bloggers who use this plugin. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Sticky Post and subscribe to comments

  1. You should probably reverse the thing such that someone has to tick the box to be spammed. Less intrusive. The current setting is just irritating and discourages people from commenting. Just my 2 sen.

  2. gbyeow – You are SOOOOO right! I got spammed by my ownself! LOL. Frankly speaking, I hate this plugin. I got tricked many times before. Right away, off to kill off the ticks.

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