TMnet Webmail is simply the….

You guess the answer?

A) Best

B) Worst

C) Most teruk
D) Betul-betul chialat

1) It ate my good incoming mails

2) It ate my outgoing mails, important ones somemore

3) It is full of shite and spams

And TMNet Webmail site has beeen down for almost 24 hours and I can’t access my streamyx mails nor get it from the TMNet website. Shite! But then, I have gmail. Thank God and Google,  for gmail. The triple Gs.

9 thoughts on “TMnet Webmail is simply the….

  1. kill the tmnet webmail la, just use gmail. mail lost forever cannot get back one, not like our post office, can still deliver our mail but after 25 years delay… 🙂

  2. never use an ISP’s mail service..

    The only thing is if ISP’s email service screws up u can screw ’em..
    Which can’t really be done with gmail and the like..

  3. aiyer, i hate them too! today is one of those days which i need to use the internet the whole day and this have to happened and my boss being a boss trying to push the blame on me for not sending the most, very, extremely important email to our client! wei, its not me la, its TM Nut la!!!! s**t…. day i have!

  4. I don’t user their webmail, they have webmail meh? I don’t even know that; although I have the tmnet and streamyx mail accounts configured in outlook.

    But today the emails are down, can’t login also.

    Yoru don’t have emails meh?

  5. Neo – I have another email with another domain but I direct it to my OE. I just can’t seem to get Thunderbird working, no matter how much I read up.

    Angeline – Yalor, useless la, so long already oso never get it working.

    lingghezhi – I am from the old skol, way back in 2000 so I had been so used to TMnet’s lousy service. Back then, only got hotmail.

    simon – And I thot you banned me from your mailbox. 🙂

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