Perrrverrrt lorrrr

Regarding my earlier question, I met these bunch of old retirees shopping. Of course, old retirees are entitled to go out shopping. After all, they are retired, got plenty of pencen, kaya already, rite?

(stole this pic from ladydummy who describes me : 5xMom~Dat’s Wat they call her)

But that’s not the end of it. These bunch of retirees are actually using a kid’s supermarket trolley wor. All four of them, stuffing food stuffs on the supermarket trolley and acting cute. As if that is not enough, they somemore look left and look right to see got people notice they are cute anot. Si beh hamsup and si beh qi hiao.

Then, it is still not the end of it. I also notice that a lot of men when come to a certain age, wanna deny they are old and start to act cute and talk cute. No, I am not talking about my atm lah. *smacks Jon with dirty diapers* If a woman does that, we got plenty of names to call her. Fatt hao, naik miang, not acting her age, etc etc.

But why we got no name to call old men like these ler? Can we call these type Cocka? *runs and hide* They are the very reasons why Viagra is best selling and Pfizer is so famous.

Just now, I went out to have cwikwen wice with my toddler ‘cos he hankered for wice (duh). We went to this neighbourhood kopitiam and as if the big boss upstairs know that I was going to rant about dirty old men, I bumped into a bunch again. Wuah….they are joking like a bunch of teenage boys talking about ang moh and tiong kok (Caucausian and China) girls and giggling and whispering. Just imagine, if we change the gender to a bunch of old women. You think that is acceptable by society anot? No mah. But if a bunch of old men giggling over stuffs like these, wuah, they si beh how lian (proud), gets louder and louder to make sure that everyone hears what they are not supposed to hear.


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  1. Care for the elderly…!!! They spent most of their lives working their arses off to bring up their family, so maybe now catching up on what they missed out lor!!! Or maybe they’re becoming senile??? Never mind that they “tua keladi, makin tua, makin jadi!” Next time, u old also what?

  2. those ppl r all call SUITUAPUIS!!! miang miang keladi, makin tua makin jadi! that’s u alrite STP! hahahahaha but then hor, too many suituapui around mah ‘charm’ lor!

  3. Laksa – Adoi…what you talking about? You got read betul-betul what I write ah? Old men somemore needs upbringing ah? Who wanna teach them ler when they are supposed to be teaching their grandkids already.

    sengkor – LOL, reall ah? Then moustached akua sounds nicer.

    wuching – I can feel your joy at getting even with STP.

  4. some older men i know are gentlemen and do not behave like those which you mentioned… like i said, it’s how these guys were brought up that influences their behaviour at whatever stage in life it may be…

  5. Dunno true or not, but some malays believe if by 40, a man does not change, he would be like that even when he is senile…I also cannot tahan this type of orang tua gatal plus miang!

  6. Lilian, when you said these “old men”, how old are you refering to? 50’s, 60’s 70’s 80’s or 90’s (just curious) Can’t be mid-life crisis? can it? Or maybe they are not getting any… and just wanna brag. Or that’s the only “thing/chance” to brag. Have you ever notice, people with little education (in-general), likes to brag those sorts of thing.
    Yes, I have to agree with you, that some teenage boys do, they brag the wrong accomplishments (visit whores, stealing, gangs, fight, etc). Some of them would look back later in life and reliazed .. gee, that was stupid, while others still stuck in that “teenage” mode… sad, but true.

  7. yerrr, pushing kids trolley?? sounds damn gili… maybe these old kkc got some penyakit jiwa.

    Yeah, Cocka sounds good to me…LOL!!
    *tiptoes out quietly*

  8. errr… i think not only the old men does that. even the younger ones do brag abt this pros girls they shagged, etc. Its just MEN…….

  9. My ex-boyfriend who is in his late 20’s brought one home while his parents were out of town – his idea of saving hotel $. I found out after he bragged about it to his male pals. We just broke off last weekend.

  10. Lilian….don’t like that lah, calling these men cocka…
    How you like it if I call those Linpeh’s piaomeis -Lilians?

    *quickly cabut*

  11. Yalah…laksa, gentlemen like me hor??? True wat, upbringing important! Brought up well…young they don’t do, old they also don’t do!!! And that Wuching…no respect for elderly one! Reminds me of old Chinese story…put father in basket and leave in forest!!! His poor father left in Sibu…slaving away in some miserable restaurant!!! (U asked 4 it, wuch!)

  12. Come to think of it, Lilian..I HAVE seen DOM (dirty old men) with SYT (Sweet Young Thing) clinging to them, gangsters talking loudly on hp and feet on top of chair in classy restaurant…and SYTs (pretty, well-dressed…& looks educated and well-brought up) dangling to these characters!!! Why??? All bcoz of money??? As Madonna would sing, “We are living…in a material world….and I’m a material girl!!!” So who do YOU blame? The old men, the gangsters…or the dumb SYTs???

  13. I believe that it can just be put down to the depravity that they suffer from, the affluent society that we now live in (well, 10% of the whole country that is)

    This people, who don’t act their age, are merely trying to attract attention to themselves and compensating for something that they were not able to do when they were younger.

    As for DOM with SYT, it doesn’t only apply to DOM but also DYM (Dirty Young Man) who is scared to go out and get a real girlfried cos it will be a blow to their ego if the gal turn thems down or maybe because they are so deprived of S*X or maybe they just need some ego boost from this paid companions due to certain “kecilness” in a certain very important organ, therefore, they resort to paying for SYT to boost up their ego and their depraved and pathetic sex life 😛

    Basically, those DYM will just turn out to be DOM so young ladies, beware ah!! If your BF has a taste for those china gals and other imports and can’t seem to kick the habit, it usually turns out that they will turn out to be DOM (referring to Laksa’s comment on upbrining and behaviour later in life)

    But in the case of this DOM, maybe their former SYT is  not now a huge tree trunk or a fridge and thus no longer excite them so they have to resort to seek for SYT hehehe…or maybe like in the case of DYM, this DOM now can’t even get it up, so their former SYT is no longer interested in them and thus looks for younger more verile toy boys and thus those DOM have to look for SYT…….so who do we blame? Their Upbringing? Their Parents for not teaching them to be a gentleman or society and peer pressure because all their friends are doing it or do we just put the blame on old pure plain hansapness or maybe its an even deeper problem that is psychological or perhaps physical also (ku ku ciau to small) hahahahaha

  14. Devastated – Ouch, sorry to hear about what happened. I guess you can read from the comments that men are SOMETIMES like that. Hope you take this as part of life’s bitter lesson and find a good guy next time. Cheers!

  15. Devastated: Your ex is a real JACK**S leh! I say good riddance.

    QV: I say, u do your preaching over here oso ka?

  16. just found out ah cooking4STP but usually not so long sermon lah…hahahahhaha…usually very short and simple..dnt know why carried away…maybe cos it has something to with certain people i know hahahahaha

  17. aiyo..just realised i typed salah..wat i wanted to say in my 5th paragraph was “maybe is NOW a huge tree trunk or fride” and not as how i typed above as NOT hahahaha..error error

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